Temtris – Enter The Asylum

Temtris – Enter The Asylum
Battlegod Productions
Release Date: 09/04/2016
Running Time: 51:29
Review by Dawn King

The only thing I knew about the band Temtris when I was given this album to review was that two of the members were ex-Mortal Sin. I had never heard any of their previous material nor did I know anything about their background.

Hailing from the south coast of New South Wales in Australia, the remnants of the band Labyrinth, namely Genevieve Rodda on vocals and Anthony “Fox” Roberts on guitar, are joined by ex-Mortal Sin members Anthony Hoffman also on guitar and Wayne Campbell on drums, with the line up completed by Adam Wotherspoon on bass. “Enter The Asylum” is their fourth album to date, released on 9th april 2016 by Battlegod Productions.

At just over 51 minutes long, the twelve songs are a mix of power and traditional heavy metal that will hit you like a speeding bullet train. The twin guitars of Hoffman and Fox pack an absolute punch and get you right between the eyes, and the solos kick some serious butt too.

Rodda’s strong vocals throughout the album are complimented by low growls dotted here and there from Hoffman, and she commands the well written lyrics perfectly. The guitar and drum work is extremely well played and it is clear the band have given 110% in the recording process.

Stand out songs for me are “Mind Games” which truly pounds the brain, title track “Enter The Asylum”,a pure heavy metal song throughout and “The Summoning”, which begins with the sounds of a church organ before it kicks in full throttle battering your ears as only heavy metal should.

The one instrumental “Too Deep” will defy anyone not to bang their head and the only “ballad” on the album, the piano led “Lament”, displays just how good a singer Genevieve is. But don’t get too comfortable because this is only a temporary breather as final song “Phoenix” cranks it back up again, ending the album with a crash, a bang and a wallop.

If I am totally honest, at the first play I wasn’t sure about this album but I am glad I gave it another run through, and then another, and another, a true opinion of the album soon setting it. I love the album’s artwork which was painted on a 1m x 1m square canvas and I shall definitely be checking out the band’s back catalogue.

“Enter The Asylum” is a well-written, well produced piece of work and the band should be extremely proud of what they have created. I can’t compare it to previous albums they have recorded but it’s one that definitely should be in any metal fan’s collection.

But don’t take my word for, go and check it out for yourself.


Adam Wotherspoon – Bass
Wayne Campbell – Drums
Anthony Fox – Guitars
Genevieve Rodda – Vocals (lead)
Anthony Hoffman – Guitars, Vocals


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