Maranua-Storey Project – A Shoulder for the Crow

Maranua-Storey Project – A Shoulder for the Crow
Self-released (original) / Dr John Surgery Records (re-release)
Release Date: 2016(orginal) 16/09/2019 (re-release)
Running time: 48:01
Review by Dawn King

Personally, I love listening to music that cannot be defined into any one particular genre of metal and this is true of “A Shoulder for the Crow” by Maranua-Storey Project. As soon as the first song kicked in I knew this one wasn’t going to fall into a solitary category on the metal/rock spectrum.

Officially formed in September 2011, the Maranua-Storey Project is an anglo-indonesian collaboration between Uk based singer/songwriter Mark Storey and Indonesia based guitarist/producer Tommy Maranua, and “A Shoulder for the Crow” is their latest offering.

So, how do we pigeonhole this album? The answer is simple…..we don’t. Combining different styles and influences, a hard and heavy groove with catchy melodies and singalong choruses, the result is kick-ass rock with a very real ‘in-your-face’ attitude. These guys will play what the hell they want and they don’t care if you like it or not.

Siting bands such as Alice Cooper, Aerosmith, Disturbed, Motley Crue and Iggy Pop as influences, this is very apparent in their sound. But this does not take away from the fact they have added their own unique twist. Throwing in a bluesy influence to their obvious rock and metal roots, they have developed a sound that is entirely their own.

With blistering guitar solos and tight drumming coupled together with Mark’s distinctive vocals, this is an album that will have you headbanging to its heavy riffs one minute and dancing around the living room the next. It is a highly energetic performance but one that is packed with raw passion and an evident belief in themselves.

Title track “A Shoulder for the Crow” could easily be played on Planet Rock, its listenability well suited to radio play, while opening track “Down in the Basement”, my favourite on the album, would be more appropriate for an underground, metal-orientated station, showing that these guys have a versatility that means the “only thing predictable about them is the fact they are going to deliver kick-ass tunes.”

So get yourself off to Planet S and get yourself a copy of “A Shoulder for the Crow.”

You will NOT be disappointed.

1. Down In The Basement
2. Dance Ourselves To Death
3. Price You Pay
4. Dirty Little Mouth
5. Glamoured
6. Voodoo Blues
7. Devil In Ya
8. Good Love
9. Wonderland
10. Play God
11. Again
12. A Shoulder For The Crow
13. Scatterbrain

Mark Storey – Vocals & Blues Harp
Tommy Maranua – Lead & Rhythm Guitar / Bass
Faried Badjeber – Drums



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