The Goatbox Rebels – Let Us All Bleed Integrity EP

The Goatbox Rebels – Let Us All Bleed Integrity EP
Northern Assembly Recordings
Release Date: 17/06/2016
Running Time: 19:54
Review by Dawn King


The Goatbox Rebels are a heavy rock trio from Toronto, Ontario. They were founded in Montreal in 2011 by guitarist Ivan Westley, who started out as a solo blues artist, and he was joined onstage from 2014 by Nate Finucci (ex-The Nursery / The Savilles) on drums.

Heavy influenced by 1970’s/1980’s rock and metal, the duo took a different direction with their music and they were soon joined by Colin James Gibson (The Stormalongs) on bass and vocals, so completing the line up.

“Let Us All Bleed Integrity” is the latest EP from the band, released by Northern Assembly Recordings on 17th June 2016.

So how do we define this 4 track recording? Well, as all good rock bands should be, it’s an assorted bag with strains drawn from many genres of music. Its dirty, hard rock mixed with heavy blues and a bit of punk thrown in for good measure. It has heavy sounds throughout yet with catchy tunes that should widen its appeal.

The EP is fast paced throughout, each track a full on rock assault. There are riffs aplenty, some catchy, some heavy, fantastic drum fills and the bass adds plenty of rhythm. This is an aggressive EP but it is obvious it has been put together by some very talented musicians.

Each track is different to the others, my favourite being the final song “Icarus”, and each deserves its place on the EP.

If you fancy listening to something a bit different, yet staying with the boundaries of rock and metal then this is the band for you. Get yourself a copy of “Let Us All Breed Integrity” and see what I mean.

If this EP is anything to go by, then the future is looking very bright for this bunch of guys and as quoted from the band’s website….”Sorry Monkey…..2016 is the year of the Goat”

……..and it very well just might be!!!

1. Black Tooth Grin
2. No Love Lost 4:24
3. Opium Dozer 3:51
4. Icarus


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