Brick – Faceless Strangers

Brick – Faceless Strangers
Scarlet Records
Release Date: 05/08/2016
Running Time: 36:06
Review by Dawn King

Recorded in the midst of the dark Swedish Småland forests and due to be released on the 5th August 2016 by Scarlet Records, “Faceless Strangers” is the debut full length album by Swedish metallers Brick.

Formed in Värnamo, Sweden, in March 2014 by Matte Lilja on guitar and Dado Hrnic on drums and percussion, the band expanded somewhat until they were six members strong. Four months later they had enough material to release the EP “Bagging Memories” which contained early versions of the tracks “Megan”, “Last Day”, “Bagging Rainbows” and “World of Lies”

The band started to tour but tensions built up resulting in guitarist Jon Eskilsson being asked to leave, throwing the band into a few months of uncertainty while they found a replacement. Stefan Bergstrand was eventually the man to fill the position and so complete the line of today.

Teaming up with Scarlet Records gave the band more confidence and “Faceless Strangers” was born. Originally influenced by Swedish hardcore legends such as The Haunted and At The Gates, later influences also include Pantera, Killswitch Enage and Lamb of God but listen closely and you can also hear the up-beat rock pop of the likes of Blink 182, Sum 41 and Good Charlotte thrown in for good measure.

Johan Huitgren’s vocals are easily compared to that of early heavy metal bands such as Iron Maiden and Dio, but every now and then veering off on a tangent to something a bit more punky or industrial, giving the album a bit more diversity.

The music throughout the album keeps to a steady beat, providing a solid foundation for the riffs, drops and solos of each track, and the lyrics deal with a host of everyday themes, from the Middle East Crisis to the perks of drug dealing to the end of mankind.

Stand out tracks for me were “From My Hell & Back”, “Not Five Times or More” and “Last Day” but every track has its own merits, even the more punkier ones that might not appeal to a more seasoned heavy metal fan.

On the whole this is a very good debut album and I will definitely be keeping my ears out for anything this band put out in the future.

1. The Beast
2. Bagging Rainbows
3. Bloody Mistress
4. Faceless Strangers
5. Last Day
6. Not Five Times or More
7. From My Hell and Back
8. Love Song
9. World of Lies
10. Megan

Johan Hultgren – Vocals
Mattias Lilja – Guitar
Dado Hrnic – Drums
Stefan Bergstrand – Guitar
Erik “Gora” Göransson – Bass
Gustav Widerquist – Keyboards



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