Baranovich – Hyde EP


8 OUT OF 10 

Formed in late November 2015, Baranovich are a five piece rock band hailing from Sheffield, England and ‘Hyde’ is their new 3-track EP due for release very soon.

Having previously played one of the tracks, ‘Fire in the Sky’ on my radio show, I couldn’t wait to hear what the rest of the EP sounded like and I was not disappointed.

Describing themselves as “new wave of classic rock” I would add “with a hint of punk thrown in.” This EP is hard-hitting like a classic rock EP should be but with catchy choruses that you will be singing all day long.

With crushing riffs and a monstrous drum and bass section, this band have the makings of something big and Steve Baranovich on vocals brings the whole sound together.

I have never seen these guys live but I certainly hope to one day. They obviously play with a lot of energy and I would love to see that transferred to the stage. I have a feeling it would be a performance that would blow the roof off, and I am sure they did just that when they recently supported Toseland for a gig in Sheffield.

With just three tracks on the EP it’s hard to pick a favourite but I think I would have to say the title track Hyde is the stand out track for me. With a bouncing bass line, an awesome guitar solo mid-way through the song, heavy riffs and lyrics that attach themselves like super glue to your brain, what is there to dislike?

I hope these guys will be bringing out a lot more material in the future because I, for one, will be buying it.

Now go and grab yourself a copy of this awesome EP and bounce around the living room as you play it full-volume! That actually might have just been me who did that but you get the idea!!!

Track Listing:

  • Have a Nice Day
  • Fire in the Sky
  • Hyde

Baranovich are:

  • Steve Baranovich – Lead Vocals
  • Emanuelle Repetto – Lead Guitar
  • Myke Thornton – Rhythm Guitar
  • John Atkinson Croad – Bass Guitar
  • Darren Blank – Drums

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