Demise – Knives and Lint


Demise – Knives and Lint EP                                                                                                           Unsigned

Release Date: November 2016                                                                                    Running Time: 29.00

Album Review by Dawn “The Metal Priestess” King

8 OUT OF 10 


One of the best things about reviewing albums is I never know what I am going to get. A band will submit their album and without knowing what they sound like I jump straight in. I sometimes try to make an (educated) guess as to what sort of music they play by their name, maybe their logo and sometimes the actual album cover (not sure what it is with the chicken, or is that a hen, on the cover of this one but at least it’s something different!) and NINE times out of TEN I’m usually wrong!

Demise was, to me, the name of a death metal band, ready to rip the head of that chicken on their album cover, but, yet again, my instincts were way off!

Formed in 2008, Demise are a “riff heavy” band from Cannock in West Midlands in the UK “Knives and Lint” is their latest recording. And far from being a death metal band, Demise are actually really very good.

With four tracks (five if you include the bonus live track) lasting for around 29 minutes, this album is full of crunching guitars riffs, pounding drums and great bass lines. The vocals are in the main clean, albeit with a little bit of gruffness here and there, a balance that proves the singer can actually sing. At times, they reminded me a little of Pantera and this is by no means a bad thing.

This is the sort of album that will have you strumming your air guitar or thumping your imaginary drums around the living room. It’s brutal and in your face, yet keeps structure and composition. The tracks are well laid out, featuring guitar riffs that will melt your ears and solos that can rival any guitar solo I have ever heard. The vocals are strong and powerful, and I imagine the frontman would be able to captivate any crowd. The rhythm section is solid and the drummer must have been going ten to the dozen with some of the drum work.

This is a well-produced album and the bonus live track proves they are just as good on the stage as they are in the studio. These guys are as yet unsigned but with what they have put out with this EP I can’t imagine they would stay that way for long.

I loved this EP, the tracks still playing in my ears three hours after I first played it. I, for one, would love to see these guys live and I will certainly be looking out for anything else they do.

A must for any metal (and chicken) fan!!


Track listing:

  • The Contender
  • Sweat on Me
  • Deconstructing Harvey
  • The Ritual
  • Take It Til Dawn (bonus live track) 


Demise are:

  • Mike Hatton – vocals
  • Craig Williamson – lead guitar
  • Leigh Gittus – rhythm guitar
  • Dan Whitehouse – bass guitar
  • Richie Rogers – drums 


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