God Shaped Devil – Creator of Sodom EP

God Shaped Devil – Creator of Sodom EP
Self Released
Release Date: 06/11/2015
Running Time: 21:06
Review by Dawn “The Metal Priestess” King

One of the things I love about metal is the diversity of the genre and reviewing this diversity gives me access to elements of metal that I may never come across, or may never even think of listening to. A band such as God Shaped Devil could well have slipped beneath my radar and that would have been such a shame.

Formed in Manchester, England, in early 2015, God Shaped Devil are a Hungarian/English collaboration with Snake (Bécy Füzéri) on guitars and Lajos Borsi on bass from Hungary and Tony Smith on vocals and Luke Ellwood on drums from England.

Defined on their own Facebook page as “a heavy and thrash mix, with a touch of groove and doom brought together with intense energy” and I couldn’t agree more. The EP is full of intense riffs and grooves, solos from Snake that will melt your ears and pounding drums that rumble in your tummy.

Opening with Lobotomy, a heavy, riff-driven instrumental, the EP is set up well and the track is a great pre-cursor to what the rest is about. With four more groove laden tracks packed with heavy metal riffs and powerful vocals, this EP does not let you breathe from start to finish. It is a heavy metal assault attack in your ears that will leave you wanting to hear more.

Musically the guys are great with some fantastic guitar solos and those double kicking drums that I so adore. But what surprised me about the band is the vocals. The guy (Tony Smith) CAN actually sing and there is a mix of clean and dirty vocals throughout the EP, with growls and screams a-plenty. Now, I’m not normally a fan of these type of vocals always preferring to be able to actually hear what the singer is saying BUT, and this was the thing that surprised me……on this EP I actually preferred the dirty vocals, the screams and growls that fit so well with the music it’s almost a waste of time Smith singing ‘properly.’ He has a very powerful voice but it seems a bit lost when he isn’t screaming, making his voice seem a bit mediocre, which, of course, IT ISN’T!!

Rage Inside is the heaviest on the EP and probably my favourite with a great guitar solo from Snake. These guys have obviously worked hard to get where they are and I, for one, think they should keep the hell going.

Fantastic on cd, this band would also be great in a live atmosphere and I am sure they would whip the pit up into a hot, sweaty frenzy.

I will be keeping my ears and eyes open for anything else this great band come out with and I hope they do some shows too, I’ll be at the London one 😉

So, grab yourself a copy of this great EP and prepare to be lobotomised!!

1. Lobotomy
2. Contiuum
3. Creator of Sodom
4. Rage Inside
5. Pray for Death

Luyo – Bass
Luke – Drums
Becy – Guitars
Tony – Vocals



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