Vermithrax – Volume 1 EP

Volume 1 EP

Vermithrax – Volume 1 EP
Release Date: 01/08/2013
Running Time: 31:00
Review by Rick Tilley

With the amount of new albums and EP’s being released on a weekly basis I wouldn’t usually review something that is approaching four years old but Vermithrax have very much piqued my interest with their ‘Volume 1 EP’. Add to that the fact that they are currently putting the finishing touches to an album and it make sense to reappraise what has gone before, especially as you can download this wonderful EP for free!

Vermithrax were formed six years ago in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and are described on their Facebook page as ’American True Thrash Metal’ and whilst that genre would appeal to me in a big way it does do Vermithrax a massive injustice because there is so much more to them than just basic Thrash Metal! Without a doubt, the influences of Testament, latter day Exodus, Metal Church and King Diamond looms large over their music but the two bands that really spring to mind when listening are Sanctuary and Nevermore. I am a big fan of all six mentioned bands so to hear this combination of Thrash and more Progressive Metal on the five tracks contained here is an absolute pleasure. It is also played by five men that are seriously talented musicians, and along with a thunderous production job, hits you like a fistful of nails hammered into your head. This is just over thirty minutes of music that will appeal to US and European audiences alike and I very much look forward to the day when Vermithrax get some gigs on this side of the Atlantic.

Averaging six to seven minutes each track is perfectly formed, so even though there is a lot going on, none feel overlong or tedious. There are plenty of time and tempo changes that will keep you guessing but it all fits together wonderfully well and along with some really powerful vocals and fabulous guitar work you’ll be head banging from start to finish. As a former drummer I also want to point out the superb rhythm section with special mention going to founder member and sticksman J.R. Jameson (Icarus Witch) who appears to be an octopus in disguise and who uses the drums as a proper instrument, with some excellent double bass and ride cymbal work, that adds substance to each track, rather than just as a time keeping device. It also helps that the drums themselves sound so good production wise.

‘Volume 1’ is an EP that gets regular listening in this house when I have the chance, last track ‘Final Feast’ is a veritable gem and if Vermithrax can carry this quality through to the full length album then they are going to make a name for themselves. I urge any fan of quality Heavy Metal to go over the Vermithrax Bandcamp page and grab a FREE copy of this. You really won’t be disappointed.

1. Extinction Event
2. Architect Of Fear
3. Submersus (Drowned In Blood)
4. The Summoning
5. Final Feast

Scott Hagz – Guitars
J.R. Jameson – Drums
Croy – Vocals
Tom Donaldson – Bass
Casimir Trinkala – Guitars


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