Neverworld – Welcome To…Neverworld EP

01a Welcome To Neverworld Cover

Neverworld – Welcome To…Neverworld EP
Release Date: 2010
Running Time 16:40
Review By Rick Tilley

In recent years the resurgence of metal and rock acts with a more traditional sound has been a revelation, taking me back to those far flung days of my youth when Maiden, Priest and Saxon ruled the airwaves. I first became aware of UK based band Neverworld about two years ago after reading an excellent magazine review but thanks to a ridiculously long list of bands to check out it wasn’t until six months ago that I finally had the pleasure of listening to their debut EP, and what a pleasure it was! Originally released in 2010 the three tracks on ‘Welcome To…Neverworld’ (financed and recorded by themselves) showcase a band absolutely on fire and intent on bludgeoning you until you bow down into submission! It was only right, therefore, that I took the time to write this review and spread the word further.

Kicking off with the classic quote “I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass, and I’m all out of bubblegum” from John Carpenter’s film ‘They Live’ they launch into the massive first track, the aptly named ‘They Live (We Sleep) with a riff and scream that might even have Rob Halford quaking in his boots and the EP never lets up. Far from being a straight retread of what has gone before though, Neverworld mix up their influences superbly. From the more traditional leanings of the first song, almost Dragonforce feel of ‘Into the Heart of Chaos and the quietly building, but still extremely powerful ‘This Fire’ there is a huge progressive feel to Neverworld’s music. The quality of musicianship on offer is outstanding, with the guitars and keyboards deserving special mention, but they manage to infuse that with fantastic emotion, making this EP so much more enjoyable to listen to, and in vocalist/guitarist Ben Colton they have a star in the making. He has excellent range in his voice and you can clearly hear what he is singing about. Believe me I love a good grunted vocal but this makes a pleasant change.

It is not easy to pigeonhole Neverworld into a particular genre, which is great because they have found a unique sound, but if you were to take the above mentioned bands and mix them with the power metal sounds of say Iced Earth and Blind Guardian, then further add some early Dream Theater and Pagan’s Mind you’ll be somewhere near. They are currently putting the finishing touches to their debut album ‘Visions Of Another World’ which will be released this year. With so many bands around these days, talent sometimes isn’t enough to propel you to the next level (you only have to switch on the TV to see countless examples of untalented rubbish).Neverworld not only have serious talent but they work damn hard too (check out the fabulous cover artwork and booklet for more proof of this). There is no doubt in my mind that they thoroughly deserve to be snapped up by a label and soon. If they aren’t there really is no justice! Either way Traditional Metal is in safe hands with bands of Neverworld’s quality at the helm.

1. They Live(We Sleep)
2. Into The Heart of Chaos
3. This Fire



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