Avulsion Rupture – Wræclást


Avulsion Rupture – Wræclást
Release Date 17/12/2016
Running Time 29:22
Review by Rick Tilley

When Paul Bobrucki, got in touch with Ever Metal earlier in the year and asked us to consider ‘Wræclást’, the second Avulsion Rupture album, for review, I knew from the name and logo alone, that this was going to be brutally heavy and that I was going to have to weigh up my reservations of blast beating etc. against the promise that we want to feature Independent and unsigned artists/bands who don’t necessarily get a lot of coverage and also the fact that many of you who follow us on Facebook and Twitter may indeed love raw and crushing Black Metal. You have to take a lot more into account when you run a blog/site than you do if you just write for somebody else, well I certainly do anyway!

However, I’m not going to gush all over this album because of that, I find it extremely difficult to listen to, but I’m also not going to rubbish it either because Paul (he plays all the instruments and does all the vocals and programming) has released eight tracks of well-produced and well written Black Metal. It may not be something I would personally rush out to buy but it also does not fall into the ‘bad’ category and any reviewer that calls an album ‘bad’ because it’s not in a genre they usually listen to is not doing their job properly. Similarly any reviewer, who stays within their preferred genre and only reviews albums they love and also hates giving bands a bad review (I know plenty) are not only missing the point of reviewing but also missing out on a world of diverse music in the process!

Avulsion Rupture first released a demo in 2001 but it wasn’t until 2015 that debut album ‘Áglæccræft’ was unleashed. Since then there has been a split single, an EP and now ‘Wræclást’ which was released at the tail end of 2016 so Paul has kept himself busy. Having not heard previous material I cannot comment as to how Avulsion Rupture has developed but these eight tracks have obviously been written by somebody who knows exactly where they want to go with their chosen sound. Opener ‘Fauld’ hit me in the gut so hard and so fast that it left me almost breathless. It is just over three minutes of music that you cannot ignore.

‘Wræclást’ continues in this vein for its short running time of twenty nine minutes. There are literally no gaps in-between tracks so you don’t have time to recover from the sonic blast that’s pulverised you. Second track ‘Old Remnants’ is even faster than ‘Fauld’, in fact it’s got to be one of the fastest things I’ve ever listened to, but it also has several much slower sections and, as I’ve kept returning to this album over the preceding weeks, it’s all started to make sense in a weird sort of way! I certainly don’t love it but I’ve come to accept it like you would do your Mother-In-Law!!

Although the drums sound programmed (being an ex-drummer, you know I’m not keen on that) they are done well, in fact Paul does include some quite interesting rhythms in the slower parts which is very welcome, although, whether they are real or not, my brain still doesn’t and will probably never comprehend why blast beating is so popular. As for the music the guitar riffs are quite simple and repetitive which actually works in their favour and Paul’s ungodly scream would probably result in you soiling yourself if you heard him in a dark alley after a day in the pub!

‘Wræclást’ might not sound like it was recorded in Norway on a forty year old tape recorder like some Black Metal bands try to do but Paul (he’s actually from Nottinghamshire) does not present Avulsion Rupture as a polished finished product. He wants this to sound raw, filthy and uncompromising, and he has succeeded, so do not expect anything resembling ‘Modern Black Metal’ because this is certainly not what Avulsion Rupture are about.

This is an album that, now I’ve reviewed it, will probably never be listened to again in this household but, for fans of the genre, it will be something to cherish, love and talk about! I’m also very impressed with the cover photograph. I also want to thank Paul for sending it over because I’ve really enjoyed writing this review. It’s sometimes easier to write about something that you aren’t familiar or comfortable with rather than trying to think of saying the same thing in twenty different ways for other releases, something perhaps some reviewers should think about before they accept or decline a release to review!

1. Fauld
2. Old Remnants
3. The Dark Peak
4. Luddite
5. Cursed Corpse Candle
6. Here Dwells Immortality
7. Hob O’ Th’ Hyrst
8. On The Edge Of Zeta II Reticuli


Paul Bobrucki – All instruments, Vocals, Programming


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