Pröwess – Headfirst EP

Headfirst EP Cover

Pröwess – Headfirst EP
Release Date: 17/01/2017
Running Time: 20:05
Review by Rick Tilley

Honestly, I felt something was missing when I first played the ‘Headfirst’ EP from Charlotte, North Carolina band Pröwess. Yes, there were some riffs that I liked but it sounded like generic and safe Rock N Roll. I left it alone for a bit and then came back to it a few weeks later (after all we have got about 300 reviews sitting in front of us at Ever Metal) and this time I gave it a real chance. I played it 5 or 6 times in fairly quick succession and that’s when things started to click for me. As I’ve said before, some music hits you hard on first listen but sometimes it’s a more gradual process before it weeds its way into your head! Pröwess have only been around for about a year and this is their debut release but they do cite themselves on Facebook as a ‘supreme rock & roll band’ so perhaps that put me off at the beginning, I’m not sure. What I do know is I’m glad I’ve given them a chance, they are only young, are obviously hungry and the more I hear ‘Headfirst’ the more enjoyable it becomes!

Opener ‘No Survivors’ is a straight down the line rocker of a track, it’s not clever or original but it rocks. I could cite a myriad of influences or other bands Pröwess sound like but what’s important (and I’m sitting here writing this on a very hot day) is that you could get in the car, wind the window down, turn the stereo up loud and go for a drive with this as the soundtrack! However, it is track two ‘Show Me’ that has really grabbed me, the more I’ve listened. Initially the riff that comes out of the speakers could sit easily on the ‘Flick Of The Switch’ album by AC/DC. Now I know that probably isn’t the album most people would think of when talking AC/DC but it holds a special place in my heart as the first DC that was released after I got into Metal and Rock back in 1983 and I remember the day I bought it like it was yesterday. Of course the rest of the song doesn’t sound like DC, it’s just that riff when it pops up, but I love it when new music reminds me of a good memory from my past.

Remaining three tracks ‘Killing A Giant, ’Shaker’ and ‘Overboard’ all have plus points, its good hard fun and it does exactly what it says on the tin. All five members of Pröwess make themselves heard well and they certainly look the part. Production is good without being too polished, just what you need for Rock of this nature and at just over 20 minutes it doesn’t outstay its welcome! If you’re a fan of AC/DC, Rhino Bucket, Rolling Stones, Thin Lizzy, Rose Tattoo and Airbourne then you should really have a listen to Pröwess. Time will tell if they can build up the momentum and really get their name out there but they might just be what you’ve been looking for!

1. No Survivors
2. Show Me
3. Killing A Giant
4. Shaker
5. Overboard


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