Power Theory – Something Old, Something New & Something F**king LIVE!!! from Europe (EP)

Something Old...Something New & Something F..king Live From Europe EP Cover

Power Theory – Something Old, Something New & Something F**king LIVE!!! from Europe (EP)
Release Date: 21/03/2017
Running Time: 22:45
Review by Vikkie Richmond

Founded in 2006 by guitarist Rob Ballinger, Power Theory previously released one EP and three studio albums between 2009 and 2015.  Having played several high profile festivals over the years, including Germany’s Hard Summer Festival and Chicago’s Ragnarokkr, Power Theory have been steadily building a solid following of fans with their classic, NWOBHM-influenced sound.

As you would expect from a band that cites influences such as Saxon, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, first song “Brace For Impact” begins in a brutal fashion, with some first class drumming and some classic vocals.  This is the ‘something new’ element of the EP and it’s a great opener, giving a proper flavour as to what Power Theory are all about.  It also features the obligatory solos and group vocals, which get the pulse racing and the foot tapping.

“Axe To Grind” is marginally slower, with a nice time signature and some fresh guitar accompanying Jeff Rose’s trademark grainy vocals, with some good, old fashioned ‘vengeance is mine’ type lyrics.

Third track, “Colussus” is slower still, with a menacing feel and some great harmonies; this is followed by the live version of “Dark Eagle”.  Introduced with a soaring vocal and a chuggy signature, the track shows that Power Theory can kick some metal arse on a live stage.

This neat but heavy little package ends with a live rendition of “The Truth Shall Set You Free”, dedicated to those who were lucky enough to be at the gig;  suffice to say it’s another belter.

This is American heavy metal at its finest and nobody could fail to want to get up and jump around whilst it’s playing.  It’s not ground breaking (hey, it’s 2018, not much is, these days) but it will probably stand the test of time.  This EP certainly evoked very fond memories of happy, fuzzy and sweaty metal clubbing times gone by.

Stand out tracks:  Brace For Impact, Axe To Grind

01. Brace For Impact
02. Axe To Grind (2016)
03. Colussus (2016)
04. Dark Eagle (Live)
05. The Truth Shall Set You Free (Live)


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