Silent Descent – Turn to Grey


Silent Descent – Turn To Grey
Release Date: 30/11/2017
Running Time: 47:14
Review by Dawn “The Metal Priestess” King

You know that feeling when you have been given an album to review and it’s been sitting in the “awaiting review” folder on your laptop for too long and then when you do finally review it, you think to yourself why didn’t I review this before now? No? Well, that’s exactly how I felt when I listened to this for the first time. Why the hell did I leave it so long?

Formed in Dartford (just down the road from me really) in 2005, this sextet has a back catalogue and a background that is more than impressive. In 2007, they entered the TotalRock Radio global unsigned bands awards, winning the “Symphonic Rock/Metal” category (coming 4th overall in the competition) and in 2008, after the release of their debut full length album, Duplicity, the guys won Kerrang’s Unsigned Live Competition. On top of all this, they have played slots at Download, Full Force and Bloodstock Festivals and have sold out shows up and down the country.

Once described as “Enter Shikari for sweaty goths,” Silent Descent embrace the sounds that were present when the post-hardcore metal genre was most popular. With bands such as Enter Shikari, Asking Alexandria, The Devil Wears Prada and Bring Me The Horizon as role models, Silent Descent supersede all of these by not only including the synth-heavy hooks and growling vocals but taking it one step further. They combine the bounce of Nu-Metal and the energy of electronicore and have produced a sound individual to them.

Says the band: “Our teenage years were arguably one of the most interesting periods for the alternative scene. Silent Descent is by no means a Nu-Metal band, but we wanted to capture that vibe of a signature sound, a vibe that listeners get instantly when listening to one of our tracks.”

Transcending multiple genres, “Turn To Grey” is the band’s third full length album, and although it may have taken four years for this record to be made, it is definitely worth the wait. The guys have the approach of a band keen to move forward and have, this time, made a record not only for their loyal fans but also for themselves, and it is a record that represent the depths and diversity of their influences and catches the essence of the band more than any of their previous releases.

With heavy guitar riffs combined with the sounds of synths, the band are slightly heavier than some of their predecessors, but this is by no means a bad thing. The rough vocals mix well with the smooth and it is obvious this is a band with an amazing talent. I was never really a fan of the post-hardcore genre at the time, although I am being slowly influenced by my sixteen-year-old son, who is a huge Bring Me The Horizon fan, and, when I started out on my reviewing journey, I dreaded the thought of reviewing such an band!

I must say now, that I greatly underestimated the genre. I absolutely loved this album, and a week in my car is testament to that. One of the traits that drew me to BMTH (after being dragged to a gig by afore-mentioned son) was the addictive, catchy, almost melodic choruses that broke up the harshness of the songs. Silent Descent have mastered this trait almost to perfection, and I must also add their keyboardist/synths guy is just amazing.

Stand out songs for me were the title track, Vortex, which features Björn “Speed” Strid of Soilwork fame, and Rob Rodda.

If you are a fan of the post-hardcore genre then go get this album straight away. I will guarantee you will love it….even my teenage son gave this album the thumbs up!

01. X
02. Turn to Grey
03. Vortex
04. Rob Rodda
05. Sticky Fingers
06. Voices
07. Gravesend
08. Under the Eagle
09. Paths Winding
10. Hurt Like You’ve Never Been Loved
11. Back to Where I Belong
12. Break the Skies



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