Twelve Noon – Saints And Sinners

Twelve Noon - Saints And Sinners Cover

Twelve Noon – Saints And Sinners
Eclipse Records
Release Date: 09/06/2017

Running Time: 45:02
Review by Tsarina Wilson

Listening to “Saints And Sinners”, the debut album from Pittsburgh based Twelve Noon, you get the feeling you are listening to a compilation album of great metal bands, Metallica and Slipknot to name just a couple, with Michael Loew’s amazing vocals going from strong to raw it’s refreshing to hear and a pleasure to listen too.

Twelve Noon were formed in 2015 by Rob Heil (Guitar) and Michael Loew (Vocals) and they began by performing in bars performing cover songs but gradually added their own material into the set. It became obvious, very quickly, that people were really enjoying the new songs, so Twelve Noon gave up the covers and concentrated on their own music.

In 2016 the band had amassed enough of their own songs to be able to go into the studio with Bobby Balow who took them to his studio Raytown Productions. There they recorded ten of their own tracks. The album was named “Saints And Sinners”. Soon after, they independently released the album and sent it to various labels and promoters in the industry,

The band then started gigging throughout Western Pennsylvania as a support band with such bands as We Are Harlot and Texas Hippie Coalition, then in January 2017 A&R Executive Chris Poland heard their music and quickly signed them to Eclipse Records, which Rob Heil has described as a “pleasure and experience” because of Chris’s hard work and passion for the industry.

When listening to “Saints And Sinners” you hear a lot of personal experiences coming through in the lyrics, ‘Bottom Of A Bottle’ and ‘Hope In Tragedy’ being two examples. There is a lot of raw emotion within this album but also love, healing and positivity, and within these songs there is much you can relate to yourself. The honesty within the lyrics makes it refreshing to know that others can go through such things yet come out the other side stronger than ever.

The track ‘No Way Out’ (this was the debut single from the album) is almost a way of telling their fans they are in this for the long haul, which in this day and age of bands that come and go is good to hear as their music is brilliant. The video to it shows just how good the whole band are with guitar playing that will keep you mesmerized and some awesome drumming

Along with Rob and Michael there is Tim Clark on bass, John Devlin on guitar and Justin Runkel on drums and together they make up an epic Modern Rock/Metal band. They have a way of getting so many emotions into their songs, from the heavy rawness of the title track to amazing riffs in ‘Carry On’. “Saints And Sinners” is an album that you will listen to over and over again. It just has that feel good factor and is so impressive, especially for a debut!

01. Change My Ways
02. Breaking Down
03. Saints And Sinners
04. Hope In Tragedy
05. Better Side
06. Carry On
07. No Way Out
08. Back For More
09. Bottom Of A Bottle
10. The End


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