Outlaws & Moonshine – The Devil In The Moonshine

The Devil In The Moonshine Cover

Outlaws & Moonshine – The Devil In The Moonshine
Nemesis Records/Vanity Music Group
Release Date: 24/11/2017

Running Time: 36.34
Review by Tsarina Wilson

This Southern Rock band from Indianapolis were definitely not what I was expecting but I say that in a good way. After putting “The Devil In The Moonshine” on I sat, thinking “Oh, okay, what’s this then?” Then, “oh yes, I like this” and that was within the first few beats of the first song! If there is such a genre as Redneck Rock this is it, if not then we will settle for Country Rock. You will learn the tracks very quickly and be singing them loud and proud while driving along, okay, well…I certainly was!

This album, which was released in November 2017, is just so refreshing. Outlaws & Moonshine first released music in 2015 with their debut EP called “1919” which put them on the map and they went on to play shows across the Midwest gaining fans and followers as they went. In 2016 they did a short tour with Jackyl and Wayland, before going back into Red V Studios in New York in mid-October with producer Vic Rivera who the band say “is hands down the sixth member of Outlaws & Moonshine”! Front man Beau Van remarked “There were many long hours in the studio of “let’s do that again” from Vic. This producer has a lot of faith in the band and sees the vision of where they are coming from music wise. This new release contains the five tracks from the EP and five brand new tracks!

“Devil In The Moonshine” is a total toe tapping, air guitar playing, drum playing, foot stomping, singing aloud album .My favourite track is ‘(Here Comes) Bobby’ a completely laid back track with the guitars by Beau & Mike Back and awesome Slide Guitar by Travis so good to listen to. This track is about brotherhood and loyalty, – “Tell the Devil it’s me, Bobby” (the lyrics at the end of the track) just send a chill down my spine. Great drumming by Eric Piper on the track ‘My Boom’ is infectious and I bet people will be playing steering wheel drums to this while driving along, it’s so addictive.

Think Lynyrd Skynyrd meets Black Stone Cherry with a twist of redneck and you’ll be in the right area, these guys are true to their music and are definitely not trying to fit in anywhere but to their roots. ‘Redneck Me’, which could have been a 1980’s hit track, proves this completely! It takes the tempo down a little but certainly doesn’t take anything away from the thought provoking lyrics. The Whole album is full of personal stories, which I think a lot of us can identify with. Life isn’t easy but we get up and get on with it. Track 10 ‘Different Kind Of Man’ has some brilliant guitar riffs in it and you lose yourself just listening to this final cut on the album!

Title track ‘Devil In The Moonshine’ has just as much kick as a mason jar of moonshine itself, its solid and country proud and the lyrics don’t let you forget that at all. As vocalist Van Beau states “This is about the whole concept of ‘the devil made me do it,’ I’ve been bitten by this more than once so I’m describing my ten foot tall and bullet proof drunk persona”. I think many of us have been there using that excuse! Up-tempo ‘Cootie Brown’ will have you using anything to hand for drum sticks, ‘Don’t Be Scared’, a story about that one friend who is your partner in crime and allows ‘you to be you’ no matter what you are both up to, definitely got an ‘Amen’ from me! You can also get a ‘Hell Yeah’ from me for the track ‘Ride Or Die’ which is about the roller coaster ride of emotions that surface when taking the steps that are best for you!

You’ll either get this album or you won’t, but don’t write it off without listening to it all the way through first as it certainly delivers. You almost get two sides to this album. There is the Country swagger, moonshine hard drinking, he-man vibe and then suddenly you get thrown into the friendship, loyalty, soulmate and kindness side!

All in all Outlaws & Moonshine threw me at first but I can gladly say it was a country ride I am glad I’ve taken and I look forward to future music from them.

01. Devil In The Moonshine
02. (Here Comes) Bobby
03. Don’t Be Scared
04. Ride Or Die
05. My Boom
06. Cootie Brown
07. Whiskey
08. Hay Y’All
09. Redneck Me
10. Different Kind Of Man


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