Ignys – Vestigium EP


Ignys – Vestigium EP
Release Date: 16/12/2017

Running Time: 20:31
Review by Dawn “The Metal Priestess” King

It seems that I have become the unofficial reviewer of female fronted bands at Ever Metal (which is absolutely NOT a problem as I love the genre) and here is yet another one to join the ever-growing list, IGNYS.

Ignys hail from Asuncion in Paraguay (the first Paraguayan metal band I, personally, have ever heard of) and were formed at the end of 2013, after founders Caro Henry and Albert Jiminez first met at a metal concert. They soon discovered they not only shared their favourite music genres but also their visions for a band, which both had been thinking of doing for some time.

They started off by playing with metal cover acts to see how their chemistry developed and, after several musicians came and left again, their final, solid line up was completed in 2016. They teamed up with Aldo Benegas, who started to produce, engineer, mix and write with the band and soon work commenced on the concept and songs for the debut EP.

It’s hard to categorise where this band fit in on the heavy metal spectrum. They class themselves as symphonic metal, and while its true that most of the sound is symphonic, they do also combine the heavier, stronger elements of classic heavy metal along with the delicate harmonies of Celtic, Baroque and Classical music, displaying their vast musical diversity. The more aggressive components of symphonic metal are there, but their music also borders on classic power metal and traditional heavy metal.

Written, arranged, recorded and mixed at Blind Owl Studios, Vestigium is an atmospheric and dark EP, yet profound and intimate. The EP opens with the instrumental track, The Missing Page, and this sets the scene for the story that ensues. Themes such as hate, betrayal, lies and ultimately closure and truth, along with unconscious regret, the spiritual ties between innocence and evil and damnation and forgiveness all feature throughout the EP, and the intro to Rag Doll reminds me of a speaking haunted doll!!

The musicianship on this EP is second to none, these guys are all extremely talented, but the aspect that sets them aside from other female fronted bands, is the female fronting the band! She has a very powerful voice, although one which I don’t think she uses to its full potential, and can sing a wide range of vocals, from the operatic to full on, balls in your face, metal. I, personally, prefer her voice when she is not singing operatic vocals, but that’s just my individual preference as I am not much of a fan of these anyway (even from the likes of Tarja Turenen and Simone Simons!)

For an EP, this has a good range of slow and fast paced tracks, showing they can do it all, and I really liked it. Eventually, these guys could be up there with the best symphonic, female fronted bands. I don’t think they are there just yet, but they are well on their way!

I am waiting with anticipation for their next release, now. Don’t make me wait too long guys!

01. The Missing Page
02. From Shadows
03. Frozen Stone
04. Rag Doll
05. Vestigium
06. The One With The Empty Shell


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