Luke Appleton – How Does It Feel To Be Alive? EP

How Does It Feel To Be Alive EP Cover

Luke Appleton – How Does It Feel To Be Alive? EP
Rocksector Records
Release Date: 09/03/2018

Running Time: 14:39
Review by Beth Jones

If it were possible to look up the Appleton family in the dictionary, the definition would read; ‘verb – to keep going and going and going, see also Duracell!’, and Luke is certainly no exception to that rule! Not content with a massive tour schedule, both as Bassist for Iced Earth, promoting their “Incorruptible” album, and Rhythm Guitarist with Absolva promoting their “Defiance” Album, Luke has now recorded a 4 track acoustic EP, “How Does It Feel To Be Alive?”, which he will be promoting as special guest on a 37 date up and coming European Tour with Blaze Bayley. I need a sit down just thinking about it!

Produced by Luke’s brother, Chris, singer and lead guitarist with Absolva and Blaze Bayley, the EP was recorded at their studio in Manchester and shows off the depths of Luke’s talent, passion and love of music.

With an almost folk – rock feel, Luke has laid down some beautiful melodies and harmonies, but has managed to keep a good pace to each track, which makes it easy to listen to but not an atmosphere killer. It makes me think of carefree summer evenings sat around a campfire with friends having a jam with a guitar and few beers.

I actually hate Luke right now for being so irritatingly talented! His obvious passion drives his talent, which in turn drives his passion, creating a technically complete musician. His vocals are great, well controlled and pleasingly wide ranging in dynamics – he isn’t too timid, but he doesn’t shout too much, and he still maintains a raw edge that lets you feel his inner rocker! His chord progressions and melody lines sit nicely, if a little safely at some points, and nothing is too frilly or over – done.

If I had to pick a favourite track, it would be ‘Three Eyed Crow’. For me this is the most technically complicated track, with lots of changes, overlapping rhythms and more interesting vocal harmonies. It has a largely different feel to the other three tracks. It feels like a full on acoustic song and is, for me, the most ‘complete’ track on the record.

It is this that would be my one criticism of the EP. Apart from ‘Three Eyed Crow’, the tracks feel like there is something missing; that they should actually be full on, whole band songs, but they have just been stripped down for an acoustic gig. I can’t listen to them and not put full on ‘Rock Band’ orchestration to them in my head. The vocals and guitar echo each other a lot and the same riffs are revisited a little too often – for me this detracts slightly from what are essentially really good, solid tunes. But in the grand scheme of things, he is nowt but a nipper and things like this will become more refined with experience, especially with the dedication that he throws in to everything he does.

01. How Does It Feel To Be Alive?
02. The Fear Is A Lie
03. Three Eyed Crow
04. The Sound Of Liberty


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