Kings Will Fall – Thrash Force. One

Thrash Force.One Cover

Kings Will Fall – Thrash Force. One
Release Date: 11/02/2017

Running Time: 31:55
Review by Dawn “The Metal Priestess” King
7 out of 10

After reviewing a lot of power metal and NWOBHM bands I thought I would try something a little bit different and what better than “one of the most playful, lively and explosive new thrash metal bands,” Kings Will Fall.

Formed in South Tyrol in Italy by Daniel Vanza (bass) and Lukas Gross (drums) in 2013, the two were eventually joined by guitarist Rene Thaler and vocalist Fabian Jung, completing the line up that is still valid today.

The band released their demo EP “Death Comes Early” is 2015 and it was a well-received precursor to Thrash Force. One, their debut full length album that was released on February 11th 2017 and was recorded in Bucket Hill Studios.

The album opens with the atmospheric, In Dead and Mud and Misery, and is a sample-laced disturbing vision of war, a theme that continues throughout the rest of the album, the whole concept being historical World War 2.

Its not until the second track Toxic War kicks in that you really find out what this band is about. I hadn’t heard the original EP so I had no idea what to expect from these guys and was pleasantly surprised by the opening hard-hitting riffs, as I like a bit of thrash!

What I wasn’t expecting were the death metal vocals that had been thrown in, amongst the thrash screams, and although I am not a big death metal fan, I can appreciate it as a genre of metal and so not completely disregard it.

So, think of a mix of old school thrash metal, such as the likes of Exodus and Slayer, with a touch of death metal vocals (which are intermingled with typical thrash vocals and screams) and you pretty much have this band summed up!

Right from the opening bars of that second track, the album is a thrash attack of a brutally savage nature and hurtles along at break neck speed from start to finish, never once giving the listener a break.

The hard-hitting guitar riffs and venomous vocals mix well with the powerhouse that is the drum and bass and there is a raw energy throughout.

If I was to have listened to this album just as a general listener, I probably would have turned it off after the first few songs (maybe not even giving it that long!) but, being a reviewer, I have to listen to it with a different pair of ears.

Technically and musically, I love this band. It has everything a great thrash band should have, galloping riffs, pounding drums and booming basslines. And I guess there is nothing wrong with the vocals really (it must take a lot out of a vocalist to growl and scream like that, so I appreciate the effort and hard work) they just do not appeal to me.

Having the crossover between thrash and death metal, however, means that Kings Will Fall should appeal to a wide range of audience and I recommend any fans of these two genres go check them out.

I am glad I listened to this album and, ending with a cover of Motörhead’s “We Are Motörhead”, I think a lot of you will be happy with it too!

01. In Dead & Mud & Misery
02. Toxic War
03. Shots for Glory
04. Burn All Fuel
05. Endless Pain
06. Damage Crown
07. Buster
08. Gängster 1948
09. We Are Motörhead (Motörhead Cöver)


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