Hell’s Gazelles – Take Your Medicine EP

Take Your Medicine Cover (1)

Hell’s Gazelles – Take Your Medicine EP
Release Date: 27/07/2018
Running time: 18:00
Review by Chris White

When this landed on my lap for a review, I remembered the impression that Hell’s Gazelles made at a festival last year with a really energetic and exciting performance and I was intrigued to hear how their second EP would sound in comparison.

Tight riffs, a solid rhythm section and decent production really make the songs come alive, and I only wish more bassists would follow this example and engage in a bit of overdrive to fill out the sound in a four piece lineup.

My personal favourite track would be ‘Stone Cold’ as it has single material written all over it and part of vocalist Cole’s charm is that during the whole onslaught of five tracks, he has great Di’anno styled high screams in abundance.

Next track ‘Out Of Time’ features some nice, simple harmonised guitar parts that feel very classic but blend really well with the more contemporary production.

If I had to add a criticism, four out of the five songs were sub-four minutes and the guitarist never really got the chance to have a really frenzied attack on a longer guitar solo. But as you listen to the five tracks in this EP, eighteen minutes come and go so quickly that you feel forced to rewind to track one and enjoy from the start all over again.

01. Give me Something
02. Stone Cold
03. Out of Time
04. Take your medicine
05. She Devil


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