Platinum Al’s Top 10 Rock/Metal Albums of 2018

Platinum Al’s Top 10 Rock/Metal Albums of 2018

Hi Everyone – Rick Here. Before you check out Alun’s top 10 albums of 2018, here is another message of thanks from me. Alun has been a fantastic addition to our team in 2018. His knowledge of the music and the fabulous humour he uses to write his reviews have brought another element to our website. Sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in a rut of using similar phrases or writing the same thing in each review…well, you don’t get that with Alun, you’re never quite sure what direction he is going to go in and that is something to savour! Cheers Alun!

01 10 Ghost - Prequelle10. Ghost – “Prequelle”

02 9 Gama Bomb - Speed Between The Lines9. Gama Bomb – Speed Between The Lines”

03 8 Orange Goblin - The Wolf Bites Back8. Orange Goblin – “The Wolf Bites Back”

04 7 Earthless - Black Heaven7. Earthless – “Black Heaven”

05 6 1968 - Ballads Of The Godless6. 1968 – “Ballads Of The Godless”

06 5 Uncle Acid _ The Deadbeats - Wasteland5. Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats – “Wasteland”

07 4 Monster Magnet - Mindfucker4. Monster Magnet – “Mindfucker”

08 3 Corrosion Of Conformity - No Cross No Crown3. Corrosion Of Conformity – “No Cross No Crown”

09 2 Fu Manchu - Clone Of The Universe2. Fu Manchu – “Clone Of The Universe”

10 1 Clutch - Book Of Bad Decisions1. Clutch – “Book Of Bad Decisions”


Let us know if you agree or perhaps disagree with Alun’s choices!



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