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Swilson – Swilson
Vanishing Point Records
Release Date: 26/10/2018
Running Time: 32:17
Review by Tsarina Wilson

Swilson are a rock ‘n’ roll band from New Jersey and Los Angeles, formed in 2009, and October 2018 saw them unleash their self-titled album.

Swilson say “this album isn’t just an album, it’s a doorway.” It certainly had a good vibe for me and had me dancing around while listening to it. It’s a high energy, upbeat, full on album. There are no 7 minutes plus songs, just short, punchy, energy hitting tracks.

“Swilson” was produced by Dean Rispler (The Dictators NYC, Ross The Boss, The Wizards) and engineered, mixed and mastered by Jesse Cannon (Dillinger Escape Plan, The Cure, Man Overboard)

The band consists of Stephen on Guitar and Vocals, Squeaky Dave on Stun Guitar, Dean Rispler on Bass, Chris Orlando on Drums and Seth Meisterman as Minster of Propaganda.

The album represents the progression of their attitude and line up, as the band explains; “Just like there have been many versions of you, there have been also been many Swilsons” but I think no matter the changes, this recording is a great representation of what these guys are capable of.

There is not a dull moment on the whole album, and standout tracks for me would have to be ‘Born In The Year Zero’ a bassy, drum thumping track, and ‘Axeman Of Your Dreams’ which is almost menacing with lyrics such as “a Rolex on a severed hand” and “revenge is not enough.” There is an immense guitar solo which blends into the background, only to punch its way back out again. Just outstanding!

Any track that can stop me typing and get me tapping the side of the keyboard is a good one in my eyes and ‘Stoned In Blood’ did just that. It is definitely a car window down and on full blast sort of track. ‘Witchcraft 2018’ has to be my favourite though as the nonstop beat track is a ride from beginning to end. It is full of energy and, to be fair, most of them are. I wish I could bottle their vigour and sell it, I would make a fortune! Check out ‘Wizard King’ and you will understand exactly what I mean.

I also get a real punky vibe from some of the tracks, almost Public Image Limited thrown together with the Clash and a hint of Iggy Pop but with a definite rock beat. It truly is a great package!

Although the album isn’t long at approximately 33 minutes for 12 tracks, it is nonstop from track one. I will definitely look forward to hearing more from these guys in the future.

01. I Like Love
02. Witch Trial Modern day
03. Stoned In Blood
04. Cyclops Cobra
05. Rats With Wings
06. Wizzard King
07. Axeman Of Your Dreams
08. Loaded Question
09. Witchcraft 2018
10. Chase Vampire CPA
11. Monkey Brain
12. Born In The Year Zero


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