Full House Brew Crew – Me Against You

Me Against You Cover

Full House Brew Crew – Me Against You
ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records
Running Time: 40.19
Release Date: 16/11/2018
Review by Tsarina Wilson

Full House Brew Crew return after many years of absence, due to Vagelis’ duties as the bass player with the legendary Rotting Christ, but now they are back and making one hell of an entrance. There is no tiptoeing here, they are straight in with some headbanging crazy music from the off.

These rockers from Greece have lots of experience with performances and live shows in their home country, and with Spiros on bass, George on guitars, Alex on drums and Van on vocals and guitar, this a strong statement of an album, with influences from Slipknot, Five Finger Death Punch and Metallica.

This album is a combination of aggressive riffs, addictive drumming yet combines melody with a gruffness in Van’s voice and it seems to be the perfect mix. Track 8 ‘Not Again’ has a mix of his talented voice and an almost calming (for a few seconds anyway) chorus but it doesn’t last for long and you’re thrown straight back into the darkness.

They definitely have their own unique sound and yet a couple of tracks almost have a Nickelback hint to them, which was a surprise after the heaviness of the other tracks. I think this will be a Marmite album for many. You will either love it or hate it, there doesn’t seem to be a middle ground.

The guitar riffs make up for a lot of things on this album and I’m not sure about the way they keep changing direction but maybe the more you listen to it the clearer it becomes.

1-Cannot Be Judged
2-Me Against You
3- No-one’s Safe
4- Hollow God
5- Bury Me
6- When I Crossed That Door
7- Hard To Tell
8-Not Again
9- Bury The Chaos
10- Another Life
11- The Undisputed




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