Seven Hells – Prologue EP

Prologue EP Cover

Seven Hells – Prologue EP
Release Date: 03/08/2018
Running Time: 17:35
Review by Mark Pritchard

As everyone knows I recently joined the team at Ever Metal as a reviewer, which I am happy about, and this will be my first official review as part of that team and what a band to start off with. For the last seven days I have been listening to Leicester based Metal band Seven Hells and their recent EP “Prologue”. When I was given the option of choosing something to review I saw these guys on the list and instantly requested if I could be the one to review it, thankfully I was given the go ahead and here I am.

This EP might only have four songs on it but they have a huge impact. When you listen to each track they are in your face with non-stop punching power. Seven Hells were formed in 2016 and for a first EP they have done brilliantly. Each song gives me a different feeling which I do enjoy because it shows the hard work and time put in by the band and having personally known the lead singer Marc Cross for the last few years, am very aware of his passion and how he puts everything into his music!

Each song is similar to listen to but, as I mentioned above, at the same time quite different. From the instruments in one song being played with a fast intensity to another being a little slower which allows you time to breathe. I have recently been really unwell and have listened to the EP whilst lying down. Listening this way has helped me a lot and the more I have listened the more soothing the tracks have become whilst still staying hard hitting!

Such is the quality, I have struggled to find one song that stands out more than any of the others on “Prologue” but, if I had to choose, the track I would pick is ‘Broken Bones’, which the band also released a video for. The gentle guitar intro, with calm, quiet and whispered vocals just draws me in and I cannot get enough of listening to this track. I would even go as far as to say I love this particular song! Even though Seven Hells only formed in 2016, it sounds like they have been together for much longer.

I’ve thought long and hard about how to rate this top notch EP. To be fair, I’ve had to discount my friendship with the lead singer, but I still cannot give it lower than a 9.

During a time where my physical health has been low, listening to the “Prologue” EP has been a breath of fresh air and has kept me fighting. As for the track ‘Broken Bones’ well I’m giving that a separate rating of 10/10 because I love it so much. If anyone wants to listen to a new, up and coming band then they need look no further than Seven Hells!

Oliver Wellings – Bass Guitar
Kris Elliott – Drums
Marc Cross – Vocalist
Simon Crofts – Lead Guitar
Dan Nelson – Rhythm Guitar

01. Resist
02. Broken Bones
03. We Will Rise
04. The Prophet


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