Devils Playground – The Collector

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Devils Playground – The Collector
Running Time: 40:31
Release Date: 21/01/2019
Review by Mark Pritchard
Intro by Richard Tilley

Hi Everyone, Rick here and another short intro for this review. Mark had already published a version of this review on his own blog a few weeks before he joined us as a reviewer. When he saw that it was also on our list he kindly offered it to us for publishing. It has been slightly adapted to fit our template. I wholeheartedly agree with many of his comments. Devils Playground are a great band and “The Collector” is a fine album. Happy reading!

Recently I have been listening to Birmingham based Heavy Metal band Devil’s Playground’s new album “The Collector”! When a good friend of mine tagged me on the bands post about possible reviewers I have been intrigued by them and couldn’t be happier to review them. I will be completely honest and say that until that point I hadn’t heard of the band or their music and I am gutted that I hadn’t because these guys and girl are absolutely awesome and the band is amazing to listen to.

The songs on this album are all quite different and each has its own meaning a bit like if you picked up a variety of food at a buffet. From start to finish this album is of the highest calibre. Devils Playground were only founded in 2015 but, from the sounds of this album, it feels like they have been around much longer. Immediately I can say that the combination of screaming/grunting of Vocalist Matt Pointon alongside the beautiful voice of Vocalist Leanne Nardone is out of this world!

The album begins with the track ‘Mr. Afterdark’ This starts with what sounds like an alarm and after about 45 in come the heavy instruments with the singing of both vocalists and I tell you what, the track instantly gives you an insight to what the rest of the album will be like with heavy playing and top notch vocals which causes immediate headbanging. I don’t usually do that because headbanging gives me the biggest of headaches but I couldn’t help doing it because this album doesn’t let up at all.

As “The Collector” continues playing I feel bound to it. I haven’t been able to listen to anything different, not by choice, but because it has grabbed hold of me and won’t let go which I think is brilliant. This really shows you the hard work and dedication that Devils Playground have put into the album. Even though a few tracks have really deep meanings just listening to them makes me happy and puts a smile on my face. When you feel down and music gives you that feeling then you can definitely say there will be a silver lining on the horizon.

On the bands profile on Facebook it says that they are influenced by the likes of Hatebreed, Bullet For My Valentine and Arch Enemy, all bands that I like to listen to and yes, when you listen to “The Collector” you can hear those influences but honestly I would listen to Devils Playground more than any of those bands because you can hear them anywhere and everywhere, whereas this bunch are a proper local band, fighting to show everyone what they are made of and proving themselves wherever they go. They did this in a big way in 2017 by entering and winning their regions Metal 2 The Masses which enabled them to play Bloodstock Festival.

I know I haven’t mentioned individual songs but, if I did that, it would make me feel as if those were the highlights off the whole album but “The Collector is brilliant throughout and one of the best albums I have ever listened to. I know people all have their favourites but this album is mine and I will be listening to it for a long time to come.

Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise to say that I rate it 10 out of 10. Personally, I couldn’t find anything at all wrong with it and, as such “The Collector’ is nigh on perfect!

I would like to thank the members of Devil’s Playground Leanne Nardone-Vocals, Matt Pointon-Vocals, Dan Nardone-bass Guitar, Ian Hiseman-Guitar, Luke Neath-Lead Guitar and both former drummer Bez and current drummer Jack Skilton, you guys are awesome and I thank you for giving me the chance to review the album. I would suggest to anyone to have a listen to Devils Playground because you won’t regret it!

01. Mr Afterdark
02. Epilogue
03. Are You Ready To Play?
04. Cross The Line
05. Time To Die
06. Reason One
07 Devil’s Playground
08. Unlost
09. Emergency
10 The Masque
11. Fortunes Hand


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