Seventh Wonder – Tiara

Tiara Cover

Seventh Wonder – Tiara
Frontiers Records
Release Date: 12/10/2018
Running Time: 01:09:56
Review by Lotty Whittingham

It’s no secret that Sweden is a vast breeding ground for rock and metal giants. Most notable names include Sabaton, Amon Amarth and In Flames. Could Seventh Wonder be joining this list of legends? Judging from the strength of their album “Tiara”, it’s more than safe to say that there is a place on this list awaiting them. Imagine if Avantasia and Kamelot jammed together, that would be Seventh Wonder.

Seventh Wonder are familiar to me as their lead vocalist Tommy Karevik also fronts Kamelot and they are personal favourites of mine. So naturally I was curious to get to know Seventh Wonder and find out what their sound is all about.

The album is a portfolio of epic, bombastic melodies that sit with you the moment you press play. The tracks are memorable and once you listen to this record, just looking at the name will bring excerpts of these songs to the mind instantly.

The opening tracks ‘Arrival’ and ‘The Everones’ entice you in instantly. I found that the songs have a strong ambience and contain strong sounding melodies. Scar Symmetry and Kamelot come to mind when listening to the songs.

‘Against The Grain’ is a soaring track that sat very well with me. The backing vocals accompanying Tommy Karevik remind me of Eden’s Curse and Avantasia, particularly because these choral vocals provide concrete backing. I also found that the song had a strong eighties vibe to it. This track is just one of the highlights of the album.

‘Victorious’ is the ear worm of the album. The powerful verses and infectious chorus will ensure you remember the song hours after hearing it. I only have to read the title and the song gets stuck in my head. The title alone is an empowering word and the bold musical arrangements match this perfectly. The song gives you strength and hope, even in times riddled with uncertainty.

I like the acoustic tribal tones from ‘The Truth’. It shows a different side to the band and gives us a break from the heaviness for the majority of the song. It then gives us their iconic, bombastic sounds that familiar across the album. I also like the empowering and uplifting tones throughout the song.

With albums you tend to come across a short opening track that leads to the first main track. With “Tiara” you also get that at the end. The song ‘Procession’ is a beautiful short track with a stunning vocal melody from Tommy Karevik. This is the lead up to the mind-blowing closer ‘Exhale’.

When you have experienced something that is so intense it leaves you breathless, you let out a huge breath. So, this track is appropriately named. “Tiara” leaves you breathless and ‘Exhale’ is the final chapter of this fantastic record.

From the exhilarating ride that “Tiara” gave me, I think it is more than safe to say Seventh Wonder will be added to my music collection. Fans of Kamelot and strong melodic metal, I recommend you do the same.

01. Arrival
02. The Everones
03. Dream Machines
04. Against the Grain
05. Victorious
06. Farewell (Part 1: Tiara’s Song)
07. Farewell (Part 2: Goodnight)
08. Farewell (Part 3: Beyond Today)
09. The Truth
10. By the Light of the Funeral Pyres
11. Damnation Below
12. Procession
13. Exhale



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