Hi Everyone. Welcome to our new EMQ’s interview with Manchester, UK based Metal band God Shaped Devil! Huge thanks to them for taking part!

What is your name, what do you play and can you tell us a little bit about the history of the band?

My name is Luke, I play drums in the band ‘God Shaped Devil’ the band has been around since 2014 with our first EP released in 2015 “Creator of Sodom”. We’ve gone through line-up changes and we’re essentially rebooting the band after 4 years with this upcoming album. Bex and Lajos came over from Hungary some time ago, but they didn’t meet until after migrating here to the UK. I found the band via a website with an advertisement looking for a drummer, honestly didn’t think I’d get the job, but here we are! And I’m grateful for it, it’s been awesome and it can only get better. We invited my cousin Matt to take a stab at Rhythm Guitars and he was made permanent shortly after.

How did you come up with your band name?

Bex’s good friend had been starting up a new band, and he came to Bex with a few band names, asking which was best in his opinion. ‘God Shaped Devil’ was amongst the list, and was Bex’s favourite, but his friend chose a different one. And so Bex asked if could use it for a new band he was forming.

What country are you from and what is the metal scene like there?

Well Matt and I are from England and we all know what the metal scene is like here, it thrives in local areas and there is of course a huge fanbase for when bigger touring bands come over. We’ve got so many festivals on the rise like Badgerfest, Pentre Fest and Amplified to name a few. It’s just a great scene to be a part of no matter where you play if it’s a pub or a festival stage, the community in the metal scene itself is what makes it. Bex and Lajos are from Hungary, Bex’s former band ‘Inside My Head’ was pretty well received over there! And you know these Eastern Europeans, they’re crazy, really awesome people.

What is your latest release? (Album, EP, Single or Video)

We’ve just recently released our latest single ‘Drowning Gravity’ with a music video, so go check that out if you haven’t already, we’re going to be releasing a full length album very soon called “Dark Fields”. So keep an eye out for that one.

Who have been your greatest influences?

There are many differently influences within the band, for me I remember watching videos of Buddy Rich and just being in awe of his talent, moving into metal influences the big names like Lars Ulrich, Dave Lombardo, Chris Adler, Mike Portnoy etc. There’s a list of amazing drummers that I look up to but we’d be here all day! I know Bex has a big influence from Dimebag and Yngwie Malmsteen. As a band our band influences are few and far between the likes of Pantera, Lamb of God, Killswitch Engaged, Slayer, Metallica, Gojira, In Flames etc.

What first got you into music?

I think everyone gets in to music because it’s all around us, imagine a world without it? Crazy. But I actually got into metal through Guitar Hero 1 & 2 as a kid believe it or not, that game had some bangers. I think that will be the closest as I’ll ever get to playing the guitar, because I’m hopeless on the real thing.

If you could collaborate with a current band or musician who would it be?

It’d be cool to start off small with a band local to us, just have guest solo’s or vocals, I think the Metal community in Manchester would love that also.

If you could play any festival in the world, which would you choose and why?

There’s that festival that’s played on a cruise ship 70,000Tons of Metal, I think that’s something unique and it’d be memorable for sure!

What’s the weirdest gift you have ever received from a fan?

We haven’t really received any weird gifts from fans yet, but there’s still time!

If you had one message for your fans, what would it be?

The one message for our fans; GIVE US ALL YOUR MONEY! Just kidding, we really appreciate our fans, old and new. It’s always makes us feel proud when we get people coming up to us after set giving us praise and asking us to sign stuff, it’s kind of surreal even at this level. So we’d like to thank all of our fans for showing their continued support especially our hardcore fans, you know who you are! And be ready for this new album coming out because we think you’re gonna love it!

If you could bring one rock star back from the dead, who would it be?


What do you enjoy the most about being a musician? And what do you hate?

I’m a drummer so I’m not really a musician, apparently. But the thing I enjoy the most, like most I bet, is playing live to many people! The thing I hate, is F!#!’in loading and unloading gear. My hardware bag has lost its wheels so that’s a bitch. We need roadies, so apply within guys.

If you could change one thing about the music industry, what would it be?

The one thing at the moment that’s bugging me in the music industry and I’m sure a lot of new and upcoming bands will agree with me; is how hard it is nowadays everything’s online and you can get it all for virtually free now. Streaming services etc, you get virtually nothing back from them unless you’ve got millions of streams/views. It’d be good if that could change, everything is about money, it doesn’t matter how good you are. It’s tough, and we haven’t even scratched the surface yet! But we love making music and we love playing it to people and that’s all that matters, and if it happens, it happens. At least we can try?!

Name one of your all-time favourite albums?

I have a few favourites, it’s hard to put a finger on just one! I’m gonna say Gojira – “L’Enfant Sauvage”. Looking forward to seeing them in July!

What’s best? Vinyl, Cassettes, CD’s or Downloads?

Again it’s easy to have everything downloaded these days, the ‘digital age’ as they call it. But nothing beats having the physical copy! I’m still to invest in a Vinyl player, my Dad had one when I was young, can’t remember exactly how they sounded but they’re on the comeback and everyone’s commenting on how much better it is. Maybe we’ll make a few copies of the new album on Vinyl and I’ll see for myself!

What’s the best gig that you have played to date?

We’ve not actually played as many gigs as we’d like to be honest, but they’ve all been memorable in their own right. Rebellion is always a great venue to play, and I think our set at Badgerfest had the biggest crowd we’ve played to so far.

If you weren’t a musician, what else would you be doing?

If I weren’t a musician I think I’d be a bass player.

Which five people would you invite to a dinner party?

I mean the idea of a dinner party in itself sounds horrible. But preferably five mutes wouldn’t be a bad idea. I like to enjoy my food haha!

What’s next for the band?

What’s next for GSD? Well we have the album virtually ready for release so we’re working towards a release date for that, we’d like to have a launch party for it also. We’re working on merchandise to go with it too. But the sky is the limit at this point we’re aiming to get out there as much as possible and make a name for ourselves!

What Social Media/Website links do you use to get your music out to people?

We use a lot of the mainstream social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Our lyric videos and music videos are available on YouTube and our music is on major streaming platforms and online stores. We haven’t tackled Reddit yet, but might see what that’s all about!

Jaffa Cakes? Are they a cake or a biscuit?

I think the clues in the name, right?! Jaffa CAKE, IT’S A CAKE. Biscuits go soft when they’re left out for some time, cakes go hard. If you think it’s a biscuit then you need to take a long hard look at yourself, pal. And just for the record, it’s a muffin, not a barm or anything else.

Thank you for your time. Is there anything else that you would like to add?

Thanks for these questions they’ve been fun to answer, there’s not much else we’d like to add but of course just keep an ear out for our album release! We’re proud of what we’ve written and how it’s sounding, super excited to see what everyone thinks of it!


God Shaped Devil


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