Vikings – Far Beyond My Dream

Far Beyond My Dream Cover

Vikings – Far Beyond My Dream
A-Stereo-ID, Stuttgart
Release Date: 28/12/2018
Running Time: 57:00
Review by Mark Pritchard

A few weeks back, ‘Ever Metal’ gave me some options for bands to possibly review and one of the first to catch my eye was German band ‘Vikings’.

I have been listening to the album ‘Far Beyond My Dream’ on and off since I received it to help keep it fresh in my mind and I must say that it was a nice easy-listening session each time.

The fact the band is just a two-piece is amazing, meaning the amount of work put into making an album is that bit greater compared to bands with three or more members, but these guys have done a great job with this album.

From start to finish, this album has a high intensity, both with how the instruments are played and the vocals for each song, which are so good. I will say straight up that the singing by Georg Froehlich are above and beyond what I could even imagine and, when you package that with Pete Eisen on each of the instruments, you have a pairing that brings the metal right into your face and you will definitely end up headbanging during each playthrough.

I sit in my computer chair at my desk asking myself if there is a song that stands out above the rest and, to be honest, each song is awesome in its own way.

Here is the part which is not the easiest because it is time to give my ratings. It has been an absolutely tough challenge to find a favourite track from the album, but it wasn’t impossible and the song that stands out the most to me is track four, title track “Far Beyond My Dream”. The song is a top-notch title track, starting off with only vocals which then leads into the main song and my rating for the song is a huge 9 out of 10.

The rating of the album as a whole was a tough decision but after an arduous thought process, I am rating it as a 9 out of 10. It is such a great album and has been awesome to review and I would like to thank both Georg on vocals and Pete on guitar, bass, keyboards and drums for the opportunity to review this album.

Track List
01. A Glow In Your Hand
02. Down The Street
03. Before The Rain
04. Far Beyond My Dream
05. Avalon
06. Bloody Tears
07. Sand On The Lore
08. Shout My Name
09. Fly
10. The Joker And The Thief
11. All The Pain
12. Reaper Crew


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  1. Hello Mark,

    first of all many thanks for your review, it fills us with pride and I am very happy that you like our music and that it has reached you.

    a thundered hail from the Vikings

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