Interview with The Wicked Jackals NozFest 2019, 10/08/2019

The Wicked Jackals

Interview with The Wicked Jackals
NozFest 2019, 10/08/2019
By Lotty Whittingham

The festival is under way and the bands have started. There is already an atmosphere of love, happiness and appreciation for the straight-up rock music. Before they were due to start, Lotty Whittingham spoke to The Wicked Jackals about their music, NozFest and what advice they would give for starting a band.

First of all can you just introduce yourselves, what you play?

Martin: I’m Martin Venus, guitar.

James: I’m James, I play drums

Ollie: I’m Ollie I play guitar and lead vocals.

Lex: I’m Lex on bass.

How would you describe your sound for those that haven’t heard The Wicked Jackals before?

Lex: Hard Rock, hard hitting, melodic!

Ollie: It’s nothing too heavy, we try not to be light, soft, just hard rock, plain and simple.

You are here to play NozFest, your first one, so very exciting.

Ollie: It’s the first one Jodie has done, it’s very exciting to be here, it’s going well already.It’s good to support the rock scene, the local scene as its suffering at the moment, whether it’s the rock scene or just local gigs, so anything new that is coming up it’s good to support it. 

You’ve played a Jodie Bowie gig before I believe?

Lex: Yes, we’ve played a few times for Jodie.

Ollie: She’s busy as hell, constantly doing loads of different things, we’re always happy to support.

So far it seems the hard work has paid off, people are turning up and it sold out in advance.

Ollie: Well just two minutes ago we said hello to Marco Mendoza in the stairwell!!

So, what can we expect from your live performance today?

Ollie: Entertainment, I hope! The unpleasantly unexpected! We try and give it our all like most bands. I am trying to keep my drink to a minimum. Try and go one step further…with the performance, not the drinking!!

James: To expect it, but not expect it…enough to coincide with the health and safety regulations.

Lex: Pushing it to the edge!

You recently released an EP, didn’t you?

Ollie: Yes. “About Time” came out last month. Like every band we are trying to push our music. We do have CD’s but that is a dying format so that is for the people who want hard copy. We still have all our music on all the streaming sites, Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, Amazon etc. If we had the money, we would go proper old school and do the vinyl, but that’s more than we can afford right now, something for the future, maybe have cassette tapes. There are bands that are doing that. Unfortunately, the people that own cassette tape players, they are mainly door stops or paper weights rather than a form of music. We would love to bring out a limited run of cassettes as they are novelty.

One last question, what advice would you give to someone who wants to start their own band?

James: Don’t!!

Ollie: Make sure you get on with the people, you don’t have to be good at it, just get on with your band mates, it helps if you are and don’t rush it. Lots of practice!

James: If you rush, you will fall on your ass.

Ollie: It’s like a normal relationship, just because the sex is good, doesn’t mean the normal bits in between are good. Make sure you get on with them on a personal level, not just a music level.

Lex: Be prepared and have thick skin, there will a lot of disappointments, good gigs are few and far between, expect a lot of crappy ones.

Ollie: At the same time don’t get disheartened because generally that one good gig out of the 10 gigs you played usually make up for the nine that aren’t good, just keep at it!

Huge Thanks to The Wicked Jackals


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