Beyond Forgiveness – Live To Tell The Story

Beyond Forgiveness - Live To Tell The Story

Beyond Forgiveness – Live To Tell The Story
Sliptrick Records
Release Date: 23/09/2019
Running Time: 54:00
Review by Victor Augusto

Maybe I am getting old and forgetting things I’ve said before, but probably I’ve already told what I am thinking now. After many years listening to extreme Heavy Metal, I have started to appreciate all kinds of work, no matter what the genre is. Symphonic Metal was never something that I listened to often, but with the small amount of experience I have since starting to hear all kinds of Metal, I have begun to give more value to compositions where musicians put their soul into the music.

Beyond Forgiveness has just released their second full length album and don’t expect music full of happiness as most symphonic bands used to play. First of all, the 10 tracks of this record are full of feeling with lyrics that are very well expressed alongside the heaviness from the rest of the band. The angelical voice of Talia Hoit is always calm and very well complemented by the guttural and clean vocals of Richard Marcus and Greg Witwer (also guitar players). It is extremely interesting how the album is very dynamic, like the soundtrack of a multi-chapter epical history.

Musically, the band offers a heavy riff structure. The fact is everything on guitar is played in a good cadence which helps to increase the immersion of the dense atmosphere along with the keyboards and symphonic arrangements. Following the same idea, the double kick drums are not as fast as is usual with this kind of style. The opening song ‘Echoes’ shows the calm side of the band as the track ‘Live To Tell The Story’ shows the fast side of them. The lyrics navigate from mythological themes, like the famous story of Icarus in ‘If I fall’, to human experiences lived by man.

I enjoyed the opening riffs of ‘One Last Time’ and also the clean depressive notes of ‘Consolation’ that was able to change the course of the music a small amount. The album ends with Talia singing with a symphonic background, without drum or guitars, in ‘Forever Dream’.

I really felt the spirit of all band members in every single part of this album. Maybe you will prefer faster songs, or a more aggressive vocal. Myself, I wished it too had some faster riffs and a mix that could give the instrumental passages the same volume as the vocals sound here; however, it is undeniable that the band have put their spirit into the concept. In a world where we hear plenty of soulless groups release an album just to have one, it is very impressive to hear an album like “Live To Tell The Story”.

Congratulations to the entire band.

1. Echoes
2. Live to Tell the Story
3. If I Fall
4. One Last Time
5. Reverie
6. Leaves of Lothlorien
7. Labyrinth
8. When Rivers Turn Red
9. Consolation
10. Forever Dream

Talia Hoit – Vocals
Richard Marcus – Guitars\Backing Vocals
Greg Witwer – Guitars\Backing Vocals
Sean Rogers – Drums



Beyond Forgiveness



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