Godless Agenda – Death Awaits You All

Death Awaits You All Cover

Godless Agenda – Death Awaits You All
Release Date: 08/11/2019
Running Time: 38:58
Review by Victor Augusto

When you hear a great album that’s considerably better than the regular ones, what do you think about the band? Do you think about the musicians themselves, the band’s experience as a whole, or the producer’s work? I often analyze many possible reasons, like a stable line-up or long tours between each album, to explain it. If I have the physical CD, I look through the booklet to find the main lyric writer and song writer. When you follow a band for years, or you are friends with the members, it’s possible to work out who came up with a riff or arrangement, just by listening to the music. But what about a one-man band? How does it differ? My guess is it’s the freedom to express all creativity and build whatever that musician wants.

The Norwegian band Godless Agenda has just one member – Øystein Bjerkan, which made me realise he recorded all instruments and vocals! His style is Death/Thrash Metal, inspired by bands like the German and Bay Area Thrash Metal bands from the eighties and bands like Sepultura and Satyricon. At first, I thought that the diversity of influences for a one-man band could be dangerous, or sound confused, but it was just the opposite. Everything was very well explored and it’s possible to hear how deep each track went into those influences.

I could hear Black Metal and a little bit of Doom Metal inspiration in ‘The Legacy of Man’, but it doesn’t flee from the Thrash/Death Metal where Godless Agenda is based. I also could hear a lot of Sodom influences right from the opening song ‘Death Awaits You All’. ‘Kill The Cockroaches’ comes in a similar way. The lyrics in this one though, could have many meanings. “Cockroach – We’re better when you’re gone” in the chorus sometimes sounds like a killer who just kills for fun, but it maybe also has a political meaning, with ‘cockroaches’ being a political view of foreign people who live in your country.

Another interesting track is ‘Let The Children Come to Me’. It has a more aggressive sound and talks about child abuse within the church that has hit the news globally, many times throughout the years. The Christian church is not the only religion explored in this album, as you will hear in ‘Fear Me (Inch Allah)’, that relates a man’s view of using a suicide belt in a terror attack. This track shows the melodic side of Godless Agenda, with clean guitars and beautiful harmonies in some parts.

Despite all the great songs and compositions, this album is let down by its production. The recording’s not bad and the raw sonority helped to increase the spirit of the thematic subjects, but the mixing doesn’t bring a proper equalization of the instruments. Sometimes it sounds like a Demo-record, a very good Demo by the way, but for a debut album with so many good tracks, it deserves a better production.

The 39 second song ‘The Ballad of Donald Trump’, a political song describing the view of the songwriter, finishes the album in a more Hardcore vibe. “Death Awaits You All” is a debut album that shows what a talented musician can do with the freedom to explore their own ideas alone. It is an easy album to enjoy and you will have fun listening to it.



  1. Death Awaits You All
  2. Kill The Cockroaches
  3. Let The Children Come To Me
  4. Fear Me (Inch Allah)
  5. Rise From Ohe Pits
  6. The Legacy Of Man
  7. Devoured From Within
  8. The Ballad Of Donald Trump


Øystein Bjerkan






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