Ross The Boss – Born Of Fire

Ross The Boss – Born Of Fire
AFM Records
Date: 06/03/2020
Running Time: 45:22
Review by Victor Augusto

It has not been a long time since I saw a few videos of Ross The Boss playing in great festivals, mostly with cover songs from his old band, which was an interesting reminder of the music from one of my favourite bands, that I listened to exhaustively during my childhood. If you don’t know who Ross The Boss is, he originally played guitar in Manowar, who had a great and controversial history during the 1980’s. Another thing that many people maybe don’t know is that, during the 1970’s, he was in a Punk Rock/Hardcore band too. It was a surprise to me that his band was about to release their fourth full album, and it made me a little angry that I’ve never heard his work on this project before, considering how much of a fan I am.

Despite the title, “Born Of Fire” isn’t a copy of what Ross played in the past. First, let’s talk about the team in this band. It’s brought together great names, like Mike LePond (bassist for Symphony X, Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins), and brought a great dynamic to the music, mixing aggressiveness with skilled technique. Steve Bolognese adds to the Thrash Metal spirit, fleeing from the traditional drum lines of Power Metal. Of course, with Marc Lopes you would expect to hear a typical Classic Heavy Metal/Power metal singer with that kind of gummy voice, but surprisingly, it’s not. Marc has a new power to his vocal, reaching the high notes and adding some screams, which reminds me of Metal Church. His interpretations are great and deliver some good excitement for those who like a heavier kind of vocal.

The album production is excellent, with all instruments sounding loud and clear. The songs are far from old-fashioned Classic Metal and have a mix of progressive and power metal elements, together with a thrash Metal spirit. It’s beautiful to see Ross still playing fast and incredibly well. His solos are amazing, with a lot of feeling and technique. Seriously, everything here sounds simple, but has complex structures at the same time, making it seem that more than one guitar player is not necessary to create remarkable music.

Some epical tracks, like ‘Maiden Of Shadows’, show off Ross’ roots, nodding to things that he used to play, but songs like ‘Glory To The Slain’ and ‘I Am The Sword’ bring a more aggressive sonority. The title track ‘Born Of Fire’ has a melodic chorus, which is easy to memorize and sing along to. Slowing down the cadence, ‘The Blackest Heart’ reminds me of old Black Sabbath, just with less doomy parts. The thing that stands out is that, despite the genre explored in each song, all tracks have an extra dose of aggressiveness!

Without exacerbated virtuosity, what you hear is pure and good Heavy Metal, as it should be! Great riffs, heavy, and very well played. For me, it’s awesome to see Ross The Boss burning his guitar again, with so many precise solos, and with other greats as bandmates, who just increase the beauty of this album. “Born Of Fire” is an incredible work with potential to show the world just how amazing Ross The Boss, the band, has become.


01. Glory To The Slain
02. Fight The Fight
03. Denied By The Cross
04. Maiden Of Shadows
05. I Am The Sword
06. Shotgun Evolution
07. Born Of Fire
08. Godkiller
09. The Blackest Heart
10. Demon Holiday
11. Undying
12. Waking The Moon


Ross The Boss – Guitars, Keyboards
Mike LePond – Bass
Marc Lopes – Vocals, Keyboards

Steve Bolognese – Drums


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