Crimson Thunder – Force Of Reason

Crimson Thunder – Force Of Reason
Volcano Records
Release Date: 06/03/2020
Running Time: 40:35
Review by Chris Palmer

Well, hello dear Ever Metal readers! Having been reported as absent without leave from review duties throughout the Heavy Metal Music Scene for a year, I’m somewhat pleased that the current situation in our beloved nation has brought me back full circle to another occupation that some think I’m good at!

Instead of travelling the country with my local football team and writing about one of the sports I love, the current situation and my ever-weakening health resulted in a twelve-week lockdown in self-isolation being issued to yours truly. While contemplating what to do with so much free time and thinking of ways to avoid the ever-increasing pit of darkness and despair, a Knight in Shining Armour appeared across the realms of social media in the form of our dearest Sir Richard Tilley and his army of warriors at Ever Metal Headquarters.

I’m delighted to admit that I succumbed to his charms and offer of writing for this marvellous website, and I look forward to sharing my thoughts of all things Metal with you, dear readers. This journey begins with a trip across the seas to the beautiful country of Italy, where we embrace the explosive force of Heavy/Power Metal Quartet, Crimson Thunder.

Founded in November 2012 by the merging of two separate bands, this foursome studied Italian Epic Heavy Metallers Dark Quarterer religiously, before playing their favourite covers of classic metal bands at local shows. With their sound now established, Crimson Thunder released an EP in 2017 entitled “Thunder Wrath”. Last month the band, consisting of Alessio Ricci [Guitar/Vocals], Daniele Giomi [Guitar], Giuseppe Orlando [Bass], and Gabriele Orsi [Drums] released its debut album to an unsuspecting world.

The album is entitled “Force Of Reason”, and it was released on the 6th of March via Volcano Records. Containing nine tracks the album takes listeners on an over-the-top, epic journey of explosive Heavy/Power Metal from start to finish.

Upon pressing play you’re greeted by the calming sounds of ‘Ouverture’, which serves as an introduction to the album, before launching you into the powerful and majestic ‘Ghosts In The Crimson Eye’. This monster of an opening contains everything you’d expect from a Heavy/Power Metal unit, there’s wonderful soaring vocals, fierce shredding guitars, and a thunderous rhythm section that’ll leave you breathless, as these Italians set the tone of the album straight from the start.

‘A Song For The Undead’ continues the trend as beautifully fast guitars lead you into a false sense of security… Just when the adrenaline peaks, the song changes tempo, leaving you wondering what the hell just happened! What then meets you in the darkness is a ballad-type number with an Operatic-feel that belongs on a theatre stage if nothing else. The high-range vocal attack is mixed together with more aggressive growls, which makes things interesting to say the least. Don’t be put off, however, because normality resumes with the beautiful, keyboards-led title-track, which contains an exquisite guitar solo during the second half. The song rolls along smoothly, encouraging you to just close your eyes, embrace and absorb the sounds. Feeling calm and relaxed, these Italians then throw you off guard with ‘Manipulator Of Minds’ and its pummelling rhythm, before the storming “Rain Of Tears” blasts from the speakers, proving that this album continues to improve the more you listen to it.

The remaining third of the album continues that upward trend of improvement, as Crimson Thunder seem (in my humble opinion) to have left the best until last. “Light The Dragonfires” kicks this section off and sees this quartet putting on a truly masterful display of Heavy/Power Metal. This track will have you hitting the repeat button several times while headbanging in unison to the addictive rhythm, a feat that will be repeated for penultimate number ‘Footprints In The Void’. The album closes with the powerful, bombastic, and beautiful “A Tale Of A Hopeless Revenge”, which leaves you in awe of these Italians.

Overall, “Force Of Reason” is an album that has the potential to launch Crimson Thunder towards the forefront of the Heavy/Power Metal scene. The album contains a collection of songs which portray the band’s abilities as musicians who sit comfortably within their chosen genre. There’s plenty of variety throughout, yet each track follows its predecessor perfectly, thus allowing the music to flow, keeping the listener interested. “Force Of Reason” is definitely an album that deserves the attention of any Heavy/Power Metal music collector. It’s over-the-top, melodic, and heavy… What a thrilling listen!

01. Ouverture
02. Ghosts In The Crimson Eye
03. A Song For The Undead
04. Force Of Reason
05. Manipulator Of Minds
06. Rain Of Tears
07. Light The Dragonfires
08. Footprints In The Void
09. A Tale Of A Hopeless Revenge


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