Levania – Episode 0 Mini-EP

Levania – Episode 0 Mini-EP
Sliptrick Records
Release Date: 02/08/2019
Running Time: 08:38
Review By Mark Pritchard

With the country amidst the current coronavirus pandemic and with the weather, lately, being bright and warm we had one day (like a needle in a haystack) which was very cold and gloomy where it was raining on and off (normal West Midlands weather) and I thought to myself ‘this is the perfect time to listen to Levania’s recent mini-EP “Episode 0”. So, I put the heating on, switched the bedroom light on because it was so dark and wrapped up warm with my quilt and headphones on. Listening to this EP on such a horrid, boring day was an absolute godsend, it allowed me to forget about the cold weather outside and helped me warm up much more quickly.

Levania are a Gothic Metalcore band, formed in Ferrara, Italy in 2009 and were founded by ‘Still’ (keyboard and vocals) and ‘Fade’ (bass). After a fairly active period of time, where they recorded two albums, EP and various singles they went on a short hiatus  and have now returned with this three track EP

When I listen to “Episode 0”, it instantly makes me want to headbang, in fact I nearly dropped my phone in the bath and also, when I needed to go the shops, almost made me fall over when listening to it, so I can definitely say that headbanging when walking to the shops is a very bad idea. However, the main thing this EP does is put a huge smile on my face and just makes me want to raise my fist to the sky like at the end of one of my favourite films “The Breakfast Club”! It combines Gothic Rock/Metal (great keyboards/samples and excellent choruses) with clean female & harsh male vocals and really could only have been made in Mainland Europe “Episode 0” is an absolutely fabulous EP, although a little short, and one that I will surely listen to over and over again.

I cannot wait until Levania release their next album!

01. Abyss.
02. Reflections.
03. Reckoning.

Fade – Bass
Still –  Keyboards/Vocals
Ligeia – Lead Vocals
Richie – Guitars
Markus – Drums


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