Hazzerd – Delirium

Hazzerd – Delirium
M-Theory Audio
Release Date: 24/01/2019
Running Time: 48:57
Review by Victor Augusto

“You just have to listen to 30 seconds of a Hazzerd song to love this band!”. Yes, I wrote something like that when I reviewed the previous album, “Misleading Evil”, from Canadian Thrash Metal band Hazzerd, back in 2017. Three years later, and the band are still showing something impressive with their new offering, “Delirium”. Now, listening more carefully to their music, I think the band’s secret is their pure passion for Thrash Metal. Maybe it sounds silly, but I am really being serious. If you have a chance, watch any Hazzerd video live, and listen to this album, and you would understand what I am saying. It is not a matter of playing faster than the speed of light, or being the most technical musician in the world, but a matter of putting in your feelings and playing with passion.

The guitar work from Toryin Schadlich and Brendan Malycky is the first thing you hear on this album, with great harmonies that open ‘Sacrifice Them (In The Name Of God)’. I must confess that their solos, and some of the bass lines remind me of traditional Heavy Metal!

Some of the melodies have a bit of Judas Priest combined with bands like Megadeth or Anthrax. David Sprague creates intriguing funky bass lines throughout, but he has his highlight moments, such as the introduction part of ‘Victim Of A Desperate Mind’ or in ‘Illuminated Truth’, which bring to mind Cliff Burton lines from old Metallica.

The excellent work on the instrumental song ‘Call Of The Void’ brings in 80’s NWOBHM influences, with an Iron Maiden sonority. My favorite song is definitely ‘Waking Nightmare’. It is a real mix – a bluesy intro, again reminding me of Maiden songs like ‘Remember Tomorrow’, but with a hard punch similar to Overkill.

I also have to confess that I hadn’t realized the line-up until I watched a video of the band recently. But when I saw Dylan Westendorp playing drums and singing, I became an even bigger fan of the band. It is incredible how he can play so insanely and create difficult vocal lines with a mix of aggressiveness and melodic sounds.

The melancholic instrumental ‘The End’ closes the album and again Hazzerd show why they are an incredible band. Heavy sounds with plenty of good influences mixed and distilled into amazing Thrash Metal. It is no surprise that “Delirium” is being played on Heavy Metal radios stations around the world. It is definitely an incredible album.

01. Sacrifice Them (In The Name Of God)
02. A Tormented Reality
03. Sanctuary For The Mad
04. Victim Of A Desperate Mind
05. Call Of The Void
06. Dead In The Shed
07. Illuminated Truth
08. Waking Nightmare
09. The Decline

10. The End (Outro)

Toryin Schadlich – Guitars
Dylan Westendorp – Drums and Lead Vocals
David Sprague – Bass
Brendan Malycky – Guitars


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