Hesperian Opus- Chasing The Light

Hesperian Opus- Chasing The Light
Steel Gallery Records
Release Date: 28/02/2020
Running Time: 47:28
Review by Tsarina Wilson

This Neo-Classical Power Metal band from Athens in Greece certainly give a mixture of sounds and styles on their debut album “Chasing The Light”. With a line-up of Tassos Krokodilos on vocals, Harry Loisios on guitars, Christ Stergiannidis on bass, Dimitris Karageorgos on drums, and guest keyboards from George Georgiou, these guys certainly know their craft. With all music written by Loisios and Krokodilos, and all lyrics written by Tassos, they know what they want, and how to get it done. It was produced and mixed by Thymios Krikos and mastered by Kostas Scandalis.

In a time where a lot of bands either have their music or lyrics written for them, these guys obviously work by their ethos ‘if you want to give great music, give it your all and give it from the heart’ and it certainly seems this is where it comes from.

One thing that is very apparent throughout this album is the clear vocals, which is a breath of fresh air, alongside the fast-paced drumming in places and crazy guitar riffs. But that said, the actual pace of the whole album is not what I was expecting. Going in cycles of ‘boom, boom, boom’ then sudden calm, which keeps you on the edge a little. I think this is deliberate – it’s probably what the guys were hoping for – to keep you listening to see what would change next. A prime example of this is track 7, ‘Touch the Sky’, with again clear vocals and a vocal range which is both strong and powerful.

The final track, ‘Out Of The Cage’ was definitely a case of ‘keeping the best till last’! I found myself holding my breath through the guitar riff, which meant I almost turned blue as there was no let up! And, oh my life!! How fast can you physically play?! Well, listen to the track to find out! The speed is unreal, but the drumming matches it too, and I take my hat off to Hesperian Opus for this! Wow! Just…wow! I was exhausted just listening to it! However, I must say the lead guitar is the most featured sound on the album, and I think it would have been good to hear a bit more of the bass occasionally.

“Chasing The Light” has everything a good album needs – catchy tracks, brilliant drumming and totally awesome guitar riffs. It also has great lyrics and strong vocals, which, when added together, make one hell of a good listening experience.

01. Chasing The Light
02. Fields Of Fears
03. The Prison Mind
04. Rise From The Ashes
05. I Am I
06. Cast Into The Fire
07. Touch The Sky
08. Highest Of Hopes
09. Seas Of No Return
10. Out Of The Cage

Harry Loisios – Guitars
Tassos Krokodilos – Vocals
Christ Stergiannidis – Bass
Dimitris Karageorgos – Drums
George Georgiou –  Guest Keyboards


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