Khymera – Master Of Illusions

Khymera – Master Of Illusions
Frontiers Music s.r.l
Release Date: 06/03/2020
Running Time: 45:25
Review by Tsarina Wilson

Rarely is it that an album comes along that I start listening to and I think “ooo this is my favourite track!” then listen to next track and think, “No wait! This one is!”, until I end up running out of tracks! But it sure happened with this album, “Master Of Illusions”. From the first track to the last I was hooked and soaked up every note, drum beat, guitar riff and lyric (anyone who hasn’t guessed – I so liked this album)!

For those not in the know, Khymera is a musical collaboration project, originally started by Italian producer/musician Daniele Liverani and Steve Walsh, who at the time was the Kansas vocalist. Then Bassist Dennis Ward (Magnum and Pink Cream 69), known more for backing vocals, bass work and production duties joined and stepped up to lead vocals, adding another string to his bow of skills! It’s been over four years since the last album, “The Grand Design” (guys, please don’t leave it another four years for the next one, thanks!), and for this release, the line-up consists of Dennis Ward on vocals and bass, Michael Klein on guitars, Eric Ragno on keyboards and Pete Newdeck on drums.

“Master Of Illusion” has quite an 80’s rock vibe, but with a modern twist to it. Whilst having a hint of Def Leopard/ Europe, they certainly make this their own. The melodic vocals, which are so easy on the ear, combined with such feel good songs mean you can easily sit and listen to this and drift away, but just as easily put it on the car stereo and crank it up loud and sing along. Think summer trips out, windows down, music loud – yes that much of a feelgood factor just pours from these tracks.

There is also some properly great drumming that seriously starts you table drumming! On track ‘The First Time’, this quickly leads to air drumming! Again, on this track, the harmonising vocals blend so well, and the addition of the keyboards, then epic guitar riffs, make it superb. The album title track follows this, and once again the hint of the keyboards just makes such a great change from the norm. These guys prove great song writing is still alive and very much kicking, in fact kicking ass, big time!

Track 4, ‘The Sun Goes Down’, has such a good summertime rock vibe – the statement ‘sing loud, sing proud’, certainly comes into its own here! From the first drum beat it’s uplifting, with guitar riffs that explode from nowhere, it leaves you wanting more!

Every great album has to have a badass ballad, and of course the guys don’t fail us on this, with ‘Father To Son’ being such a touching song, with lyrics from the heart. Get your lighters out and be prepared to raise them at any gig this is played at, and sing it damn loud! It actually gave me goose bumps whist listening to it, and I had to keep it on repeat a few times, as I was just blown away by it.

Packed full of excellent vocals, beautiful harmonies, on point drumming, and epic guitar riffs, “Masters Of Illusions” is an uplifting album and proves there is so much great music out there.

Khymera, please promise me you won’t take four years for the next instalment of material! I think anyone who hasn’t heard them yet is missing out, and everyone I’ve told about the album has come back to me with the same reaction – “wow they are brilliant”!! Seriously, get listening to this album.

01. Walk Away
02. The First Time
03. Master Of Illusion
04. The Sun Goes Down
05. Paradise
06. The Rhythm Of My Life
07. Follow The Sun
08. Father To Son
09. After All This Time
10. Victim Of Your Love
11. Just Let It Happen

Dennis Ward – Vocals and Bass
Michael Klein – Guitars
Eric Ragno – Keyboards
Pete Newdeck – Drums


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