Flight of Eden – Dante’s Inferno EP

Flight of Eden – Dante’s Inferno EP
Release Date: 09/04/2020
Running Time: 22:39
Review by Sheri Bicheno

For those that don’t know, Flight of Eden are a prog metal four-piece band from Reading, risen in 2018 from the previous group Zodiark! To me, this new release brings more of a progressive metal feel to that of their 2019 EP “Transition”, which features more of the heavy and groove metal angle of Flight of Eden. The progress these guys have made in such a short space of time should not go ignored, gaining endorsement from Ashdown Engineering, Dingwall Guitars and Payson. Another point to make is the outstanding EP artwork on this release, by Monument’s Will Cross, Which I feel really represents the feel of “Dante’s Inferno”. Look out for a theme in the track titles.

We are welcomed into the EP by short intro piece, ‘Nessus’ – a symphonic organ sounding wave gently washing over us and floating us into ‘Selva Oscura’. This is another short piece, that I feel is designed as a small taster for what else could be coming…transporting from those gentle waves of the first track into a more grandeur melody and riff. The drums are heavy and take us to an abrupt end.

‘Canto I – Virtue’ slams into an aggressive start, with faster strings, and hostility, yet in some places, beautifully soft vocals. About halfway through, we are introduced to some synth keys which help meld the track with the strings, and a slower pace, with some twists of Kurt’s growling entwined with Christian’s soft vocals. Slow but heavy. A perfect symphonic sandwich.

The gentle side of Flight of Eden absolutely shines through the next beautifully put together track, ‘Canto III – Heresy’. This one sets me into a gentle sweep through emotions of love, light and… hope. With beautiful keys and the gentle sways of strings into a few melodic chords, leading then to a bigger light of sound that hits us with Simon’s guitars. I imagine water; healing water when I hear this short piece. Sunshine, ripples, colours, reflections of blue and clouded skies…endless and rolling…

…Which rolls seamlessly into the next faster, harder track, ‘Canto IV – Morning Star’. The guitar through this track tends to stick to one particular melody but keeps the song creative and forward moving. The vocals are not as harsh and tell us of retribution, betrayal, and self-image.

‘Canto V – Purgatorio’ is another short but incredibly beautiful taste of strings. Soft, calm and flowing. I feel these short bursts of serenity on “Dante’s Inferno” are to remind us that there is a balance between peace and sin, dark and light, hate and love. It’s my reflection on things…but these gentle and serene symphonic pieces are an opposite to the longer and more brutal tracks on the EP…it’s a nice change of direction every so often.

A wonderment of piano introduces us to ‘Canto VI – Paradiso’. Another reflecting track, I feel. And then we are hit with a sudden surge of shining vocals about halfway through. No harshness here, just light and beauty. This melts into last track, ‘Virgil’ that gives us the penultimate orchestral strings, suggesting a grand end to a long and very old story.

Flight of Eden have shown on this EP that they can separate themselves from other prog metal bands – the, few, very short tracks that shine so much emotion and beauty, as opposed to mixing that in with their harsher tones in other tracks, makes them stand out somewhat to me. There are elements of conflict and serenity in this album, and it leaves space to draw your own conclusions.

01. Nessus
02. Selva Oscura
03. Canto I – Virtue
04. Canto II – Cerberus
05. Canto III – Heresy
06. Canto IV – Morning Star
07. Canto V – Purgatorio
08. Canto VI – Paradiso
09. Virgil

Kurt Jones – Vocals
Simon Robins – Guitar, Synth, Production
Christian Sturgess – Bass, Vocals
Gualter Couto – Drums


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