Deified – Anthrobscene (Mini-Album)

Deified – Anthrobscene (Mini-Album)
Release Date: 29/05/2020
Running Time: 27:31
Review by Sheri Bicheno

Hailing from Merseyside, Deified formed in 2013 and are an utter treasure, you don’t expect them to hit you the way they do when you first listen to their music. The raw sound that is apparent from the first moment is clear cut with elements of thrash and prog metal joining forces to create a rampant beast!

Looking into their background, Deified have made an impressionable footprint. Supporting acts such as Exodus, Lost Society and Cattle Decapitation, gaining the M2TM crowns for Merseyside in 2015 and therefore, playing the New Blood Stage at Bloodstock 2015. They released their first album “Ascension”, in 2015 and then EP “Inhuman Manifesto” in 2018.

I’m looking forward to what’s in store with “Anthrobscene”!

Thumping straight in, I detect a serious amount of vibe that reminds me of a Lamb of God crossover style, whilst still retaining their own sound.

We start with a ‘Prelude’ to the album. This is a taster of Jordan’s drumming that introduces a fast, but not too aggressive, pace to the album. Just edging us a bit along with the guitars. A slow and prog type riff that rolls with the exposed pounding drums.

First track proper ‘Dark Desires’ starts this journey with winding strings. Jamie’s vocals then kick in and they really do give a range on this track that remind me a lot of Randy Blythe’s technique – gravelling screeches, growling, and also softly spoken in places. I adore this track actually. The lyrics address the problem in the world of social media and privacy; identity problems surrounding this and the effects it has on someone with a fragile or darkening mind set. Like a creeping illness.

The strings and bass melt together and bring a heavy, progressive and chaotic sound…and in places, an almost doomy element to proceedings.

Next, ‘Broken Matrix’, is absolutely chaotic! I feel the sharp and tight guitars from Matt and Alistair really stand out here. The thumping and riffing on this track and the backbone of the strings from Tom present us with something you can get submerged in and take HUGE ENERGY from. When we come to 3:40 (the beginning of the end of the track), it still leaves you wanting more. I’m also picking up some Thrash and Groove vibes entwined throughout this track. It works so well and keeps the album momentum going.

Power. Greed and Corruption. Control….

“Because in a world so volatile, it only takes once more.”

‘Enemies Within’ smashes us right in the face with the global issues of these times – where is humanity going to end up?

Strings and drums are hammering and powerful with the apt message that Deified are telling us to sit the hell up and take notice. We are taken through a hellish picture and the pure energetic force and powerful tone tell us that this isn’t just sound and music – this is fast, ripping, spreading, wild and presently without order. I really feel that the aggressive, hard and slamming foundation of this track, should be highlighted and put out there to draw even more attention to Deified. This is the sort of track many people need to hear and feel so that the same level of passion and power can be created within themselves to understand. Not just lyrically, but with the style of tone.

This a top track and definitely my favourite on “Anthrobscene”.

A short, apocalyptic and industrial feeling drum piece, ‘Intermission’, appears next. This is a preparation for ‘Apotheosis – Rebirth’ which starts off with Thrashy guitars, winding bass and, once again, Jordan’s outstanding superspeed beats which are pounding and take us on a journey to some deep places; all welded with Jamie’s vocals, which are rough, fast and dark. The melodic breakdowns in this track are beautifully placed after such a rapid wander through the track, which are still heavy but touch on Deified’s progressive side. Then a fast and rough pace picks up again along with Jamie’s raging vocals and it all sweeps into a fadeout.

‘Blood Under The Bridge’ is a battering ram of Death Metal, Thrash and Groove that’s come to break anything in its path. I love a track that can keep you on your toes and this one captures that so well. The droning guitars, harsh vocals, rapid ever-changing beats and wailing bass that later melt into a moment of dirty breakdowns. Both guitars are skilled here with the riffs keeping us edged and the bass gluing everything in place.

Airing a beautiful wandering through the beginning of ‘An Ode To Armageddon’ with gentle strings and softer beats conclude “Anthrobscene”. The pace does pick up with some harsher tones but still stays true to the gentler and synth side of Deified. Although non vocal, this is another favourite of mine. In my journey through this album, this track feels like a time of reflection during post destruction!

What would you feel after such an ordeal?

“Anthrobscene” has nothing on it that I can negatively critique. Deified have created an album that is sharp, tight and takes us through the issues we, as humanity, face and have long taken advantage of. Their sound is a blend of tones that I enjoy most during live and studio versions of music and they bring it to us without compromise and with power. I’ll be more than happy to recommend “Anthrobscene” and Deified to friends and to colleagues in the industry from now.

Killer album!

01. Prelude
02. Dark Desires
03. Broken Matrix
04. Enemies Within
05. Intermission
06. Apotheosis – Rebirth
07. Blood Under The Bridge
08. An Ode To Armageddon

Jamie Hughes – Vocals
Matt Pike – Guitar
Alistair Blackhall – Guitar
Tom Simm – Bass
Jordan Stanley-Jones – Drums


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