Serenity Defiled – Dead Earth Syndicate

Serenity Defiled – Dead Earth Syndicate
Dominus Records
Release Date: 20/03/2020
Running Time: 33:48
Review by Tammy Lomax

Well hello again you beautiful people. I do hope everyone is safe, doing well and especially enjoying the marvellous weather recently. Beats the normal British weather we endure sometimes.

So, I have had the lovely privilege of reviewing Serenity Defiled’s latest album “Dead Earth Syndicate” And my oh my, what an absolute corker.

Serenity Defiled rose from the ashes of Australian band ‘Fury’ in 2011. Since then, Mick O’Neil departed and Lord Tim (Lord) joined officially as lead guitarist and vocalist plus did bass duties on the album. It’s essentially a studio project because everyone is spread across the country, and that makes the logistics kind of challenging.

Okay Tammy, so get your bum comfy and press play.

Album opener ‘Dead Earth Syndicate’ confused me a little, don’t get me wrong, I am not nitpicking! I do like the track, and it intrigued me, however, it seemed all over the place. You have an emotional intro and there’s a tech sort of vibe, then Lord Tim’s vocals arrive and I just felt a bit underwhelmed Despite this feeling, next track, ‘Purified In Flame” arched in and my skull literally split in half and blew up. Lord Tim’s vocals are literally bursting out of everything at 90mph!! Now I no longer feel confused, now I get it, quite frankly kicking myself a little. Time to get my bum comfy and REALLY get listening.

‘Pariah’ well, it’s a really imaginative track. There are some really good nasty and dirty dark riffs. It is decidedly death metal and very raw, now I am floating comfortably in my musical bubble boat. Brutal death metal is my place of home and there is a lot to digest, but I can manage big mouthfuls and I do tend to keep up. I am delighted and bouncing for more. As I got to half-way through “Dead Earth Syndicate”, I physically ran out of breath. I got more and more excited and I envisioned myself sitting in a chair, in the centre of my front room. watching these guys on stage.

So, I am a tad torn between my favourite tracks, just because there is some diverse playing throughout the entire album and not every track is the same. ‘Pariah’ and ‘Another Life’ would be the ones that really attenuate me. The level of music produced on this album is of a high standard, it is hard to believe that it’s just a studio project. In all fairness I feel these guys deserve more than that. Of course, as previously mentioned, it can be difficult with regards to logistics, but I would genuinely love to see them make the transition to a full live band.

This album is far more aggressive, and the intensity higher compared to their previous releases. Even the artwork on “Dead Earth Syndicate” is far better. You really do get a feel of ‘Mad Max’. To be honest, the timing couldn’t be more on point either.

Serenity Defiled have evolved my view of death metal in a positive light. They mix some thrash in, here and there, and have the awesome Tim Hinton slaughtering the drums! I mean this fella runs the whole sound, from my perspective. They have come a long way since the band ‘Fury’, and they are genuinely bloody cool.

This band have broken me, I am head frazzled, messy mayhem! All in this is amazing work guys. I am definitely looking forward to repairing my brain, but I cannot wait to see what Serenity Defiled come up with in the future.

01. Dead Earth Syndicate
02. Purified In Flame
03. Pariah
04. Blueprint In Suicide
05. Distorted Arts Of Disfigurement
06. Cleanse The Blood
07. Conjure The Darkness
08. Another Life
09. Contaminated
10. Into The Soil

Ricky Boon – Rhythm Guitars.
Tim Hinton – Drums
Lord Tim – Vocals, Lead Guitars.


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