Black Pestilence – Hail The Flesh

Black Pestilence – Hail The Flesh
Release Date: 01/05/2020
Running Time: 34:09
Review by Tammy Lomax

Tissues at the ready guys, we’re definitely going to need them!

Rolling in from Calgary, Canada, Black Pestilence started out as a solo studio project for bass player Valax, back in 2008. Pretty soon, one became three, and since then, there’s been over 12 years of hard work, releasing vast amounts of material, with motivation from huge bands like Municipal Waste and Midnight. Their latest release, “Hail The Flesh” has just been released, and is my subject here today. It’s Black Metal, mixed with punk, and some serious tapping into experimental sound and noise.

The moment album opener, ‘Hail The Flesh’, kicks in, all cards are on the table. I do like to indulge and ramp the volume up, and I most definitely needed to hear this a little bit louder! As the album continued, I was really drawn in by the lashing riffs winding into the intoxicating bass, the sound leaking through the speakers is fantastic, and I’m dribbling! It has some absolutely destroying vocals. They are colossal and literally slashing throughout the entire album. There is a lot of pain and misery in the lyrics, it’s a fantastic outlet, especially given recent events going on in the world. Stick that middle finger up!

Guitarist Daniel, and drummer Davey, complement Valax’s sound, and each other, superbly. For example, in the tracks ‘True To The Dark’ and ‘Cloven Decision’ the clunky bass sucks onto you like a Vacuum, and while you’re firmly stuck in place, you’re slapped with some fast guitars and even faster, harder drums. Amaze balls!! While we’re on the subject of drums, Davey Hellfire is actually jaw dropping. He is undoubtedly fast and certainly efficient. There’s nowhere that he isn’t consistently delivering it all.

‘Hellfire’ is ultimately the best track for me. It has many angles happening, whilst also being insanely swift. The strumming on the guitar follows a really deep bass and the riffs just melt me. I feel like my insides have been imploded! It’s hard and compacted, and I love it!

‘Ephemeral’ ends the album beautifully and most importantly, powerfully. I previously mentioned, Black Pestilence could be tapping into the experimental? Well, this is a perfect example. These fellas are more than capable of pulling on the heartstrings. This is a very well balanced and emotional track. It’s actually really beautiful. Hand me the tissues, will you?! I think next time I may need to review something a little less emotional! Give myself a little break so I can repair what is left off my brain!

Black Pestilence have a great concoction of sounds going on, they are fast paced, with dissolving slapping bass, diverse guitar skills, excellent footwork on the drums and vocals that can rip you apart in seconds! Every single track is done really well too, and there’s an aggressive atmosphere throughout! Your ears feel like they are bleeding!

However, in my personal opinion, Black Pestilence do play it safe with this album. Let me explain. Although the music itself is punchy and solid, it’s not overly technical, or mechanical. It’s robust and destructive, but there’s a certain ‘stability line’ to it and I just don’t feel these guys have pushed themselves to their potential. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not slating, quite the opposite. I love their sound, but I feel they could have tapped into being a bit more experimental. There’s some extreme talent within the band and it is paramount they explore that.

Aside from that small gripe, I love it. The whole album hammers at you like a pneumatic drill, at 100 mph. The album artwork is also bloody awesome and a well fitted representation of Black Pestilence.! It’s a robust design and offers some real rawness! It reminds me of artwork for bands like Bolt Thrower. And similarly, if you like Bolt Thrower, you’ll like Black Pestilence. In fact, if you enjoy any gut ripping black metal, then you’ll definitely appreciate these fellas. Pop over to their page and give them a like.

Look after each other everyone!

01. Hail The Flesh
02. Spurn All Gods
03. Hellfire
04. True To The Dark.
05. Cloven Division
06. Godless
07. Frauds To The Throne
08. My Will To Power
09. Ephemeral

Valax – Bass, Vocals, Samples
Daniel Toews – Guitar
Davey Hellfire – Drums


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