Godscum – The Zodiac Horrorscope

Godscum – The Zodiac Horrorscope
Lion Music
Release Date: 20/06/2020
Running Time: 54:21
Review by Victor Augusto

I must confess that, about a year ago, I got tired of writing reviews due to the number of Thrash Metal bands recording albums that always sounded the same. Of course, I cannot expect anything new from this genre, but it is incredible how many bands release material with soulless or plastic sonority. Luckily, there are still bands like Godscum, from the Netherlands, that offer interesting music. The fact that their musical style is not so easy to define means that we are stood in front of a good band.

In the opening song ‘The Great War’, the listener will be able to understand the band’s idea. It starts slowly after a speech with few a drum hits and riffs, but soon it is filled with heaviness. At that moment, Godscum opt for a more cadenced rhythm and the name Fear Factory popped quickly into my mind, maybe because of the double kicks from Drummer Pim Goverde which follow the riffs and also the clean vocals from Steven Tolkamp in some parts. This is just a reference though because Godscum’s music goes further than just one influence.

The dynamic between guitarist Marcel Coenen and bassist Jochen Fuenders brings a spirit of good Rock n’ Roll, with no huge complications in the music, just a heavy and straight sonority. In ‘NWO’, for example, I felt something like southern music being played by Pantera. By the way, Pantera is another influence you are going to hear in songs like ‘The Path Of Life’ and ‘Drain The Life’ that show a faster and more Thrash Metal side to the band. There are even some slower and more doom-laden tracks present such as ‘Carnage Angel’, without the insane riffs!

While talking about Thrash Metal, the song ‘Stand Our Ground’ is one that mixes more elements like groove, clean instrumental passages and great work on backing vocals, especially near the end of the song where many people are screaming the song title together. After a brief pause in the music, an insanely catchy and simple riff returns, whilst people are still screaming. This return is extremely heavy and well created showing why I think this is the most complete song on the entire album.

I also like the way Godscum finish the album and the final two songs are great examples of how the band put a lot of variation into their compositions. These two tracks are ‘Indifferent Eyes’ with a more sentimental way of exploring melodies, but still being totally Thrash Metal and the final track ’Dawn Of Eternity’ which is very calm, exploring clean vocals and guitars with a slow cadence that gains in heaviness throughout its seven minute running time. It also leaves space to let Marcel explore a well-constructed solo.

Hopefully, you can see that “The Zodiac Horrorscope” is a versatile album and it shows a very mature band willing to explore different styles and create a good blend of interesting elements alongside their Thrash Metal. At the same time, Godscum offers simpler music, trying to flee from the complex sonority and confusion, which bands full of technique often show. Here, you are going to hear plenty of variation that doesn’t let the Groove or Thrash become repetitive. I felt touched by the album’s simplicity and geniality.

01. The Great War
02. NWO
03. The Path Of Life
04. Carnage Angel
05. Kill It
06. Drain The Life
07. Ripper
08. For Liberty
09. Thy Kingdom
10. Stand Our Ground
11. Indifferent Eyes
12. Dawn Of Eternity

Steven Tolkamp – Lead Vocals
Marcel Coenen – Guitar and Backing Vocals
Jochen Fuenders – Bass and Backing Vocals
Pim Goverde – Drums


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