DevilsBridge – Endless Restless EP

DevilsBridge – Endless Restless EP
Fastball Music
Release Date: 10/04/2020
Running Time: 26:55
Review By Mark Pritchard

On what was a really nice and sunny Sunday afternoon I found myself contemplating what to do to pass the time, and of course, avoid boredom! Should I play on consoles, watch a tv series or have a movie day? And then it hit me like a fly hitting my glasses (pesky things)! Listen to DevilsBridges’ newest EP, “Endless Restless”, and get on with reviewing it! Not a hard decision to make really! So, I positioned myself in my writing chair, the window open next to me offering a nice cold breeze.

DevilsBridge, a relatively young Heavy Metal band formed in 2012, are based in St. Gallen in Switzerland. However, they have only just started releasing material, with two singles and two official music videos on their YouTube channel released last year, and recently their first ever EP – “Endless Restless”.

I have been listening to the EP religiously each day in order to write this review, as it gives out a lot more than just the 6 songs on it would suggest! Heavy drums from JC Daisy, amazing fast paced guitars from both lead guitarist Tom White & Simon Black, as well as bass from Steve D.R.T, which helps keep the instrumentals altogether. Along with the pace of each song, and with a backline like that, are the vocals of Dani Nell of which, though intense, are quite clean as well. The combination of these delivers all the elements for one damn awesome band.

I have listened over and over to this EP, and come to realise that it doesn’t matter how many times I listen, I cannot pick a standout song! From start to finish, all 6 songs are really good in their own ways, which allow the EP, as a whole, to be a symphony of metal for the ears. It’s melodic enough to hear every part clearly, but heavy enough to get a real groove going, too!

If you want to listen to intense headbanging music, that has clean vocals which allow the listener to sing along, then DevilsBridge, and this EP, are for you! Even though I was full of cold, and not 100% well when this EP played, I moved my desk chair back and headbanged from start to finish! Although I am gutted that this EP only has 6 songs, I’m already looking forward with excitement to their next release, whether it be another EP, an album, or a music video.

01. Captain Devil
02. Centrifuge Of Life
03. Endless Restless Heart
04. Fire Free
05. 2Souls
06. 555

JC Daisy – Drums
Tom White – Lead Guitar
Simon Black – Guitar
Steve D.R.T – Bass Guitar
Dani Nell – Vocals


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