Hi everyone! Welcome to our new EMQ’s interview with Milan, Italy based Rock band, Kill The Beast. Huge thanks to them for taking part.

What is your name, what do you play, and can you tell us a little bit about the history of the band?

My name is Wolf

History of the Band.

Wolf, songwriter (music and lyrics), front man and acoustic guitar started around 2011.

I worked with some arrangers starting to learn how to arrange and how to work in a recording studio. At the same time, I studied movie direction, shooting techniques, how to write subjects and film-scripts, editing and post production.

After around 3 years Wolf met The Eye who joined the band taking care of the website and all the graphics of the band: The Eye of what there is behind.

After around another 2 years Wolf met The Wizard who joined the band as arranger and sound technician: The Wizard of the Sound. Wolf and The Wizard studied for around 1 year the sound of the band: not the arrangement of the first song but the sound that Kill The Beast Band had to have.

Kill The Beast Band was launched after around 8 years of tough work and on the market since 2018.

Now we are a Rock Band & Record Label connecting Music and Cinema: for each song there is cover art and a mini-movie style video. Every song is a single, we don’t make any song just to fulfil a CD.

We believe in both Music and Content: 70;s-80’s style Rock (A Wall of Sound!) with lyrics speaking about true life.

On the air of many radio stations and magazines in Italy, California (Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Clarita and others), UK (London, Lancaster, Manchester, Daventry, Portsmouth and others), Wyoming (Sheridan and others), Oklahoma (Norman and others), Illinois (Chicago and others), Florida (Tampa and others), Michigan (Detroit, Owosso and others), Tennessee (Nashville and others), Texas (El Paso), New Mexico (Albuquerque), Canada (Mississauga and Barrie in Ontario, Lethbridge in Alberta and others), Brazil (Natal), Germany (Stuttgart) and Spain (Córdoba).

Kill The Beast Band Motto: Stay With Us, Share Your Soul, You Are Not Alone Anymore

How did you come up with your band name?

Every one of us has a dark side: for some it comes out very easily, for others it is more of a challenge, but it is there, just more hidden. It is important to try to control it because it can bring you to make wrong actions against yourself and to the others, including people who love you.

Kill The Beast means to Kill The Beast you have inside or at least try to control it: we all know that it’s impossible to kill it.

What Country/Region are you from and what is the Metal/Rock scene like there?

We are from Milan, Italy.

Rock here has a strong influence from US and UK.

Rock is not the main music heard in Italy nor in all the world. It’s enough to compare the followers, the clicks and the audience of the most famous rock bands with musicians belonging to different styles to understand the position of the rock in the world. It is not the first in the ranking for popularity.

What is your latest release? (Album, EP, Single, Video)

We make singles only; we don’t do songs just to fulfil a CD.

In around 1 ½ years we have launched 8 singles: For each song we have cover art and a video. Here is the list of the songs ordered from the most recent:

  • Uomo di Metallo (first song in Italian and on our website, there is also the translation in English)
  • You Can’t Call My Name Unplugged
  • Devil Behind Your Back
  • You Can’t Call My Name
  • Wise Man, Don’t Tell Me Lies
  • Kill The Beast
  • Walk Alone
  • The Rage (First launched song)

Who have been your greatest influences?

AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Stone Temple Pilots, Rolling Stones, Elvis The King, Blues Brothers.

What first got you into music?

At Elementary school I attended a guitar course and the first song I made was a few months later. I think we will publish it (this first song) sooner or later: It’s still appealing.

If you could collaborate with a current band or musician who would it be?

We are open to collaborate with everyone: We can learn from all. For sure if we could choose: AC/DC, Rolling Stones, Foo Fighters.

If you could play any festival in the world, which would you choose and why?

Any Rock Festival would be good for us. It must be about Rock: the contest is the key. 😉

What’s the weirdest gift you have ever received from a fan?

If you had one message for your fans, what would it be?

Stay With Us, Share Your Soul, You Are Not Alone Anymore

If you could bring one rock star back from the dead, who would it be?

None can turn back from death. Our glance is on the present and on the future. We respect the past. We are what we are thanks to the past. Influences are inevitable and right.

What do you enjoy the most about being a musician? And what do you hate?

I don’t consider myself a musician. I just am what I am.

I have the need to write songs to free my mind and soul: this is why we make only singles and not albums. I don’t write to fulfil a CD. For sure writing songs has allowed me to save a lot of money avoiding paying a psychiatrist: Music cures. 😉

If you could change one thing about the music industry, what would it be?

Scouting is not done anymore at all. Maybe it has not ever been done.

Famous record labels that don’t hear new bands, but they just check the numbers of followers linked to social media to understand if they can hire someone on their roster. This is the attitude of the independent and small Record labels too.

Music is not the number of the followers or at least Rock is not the number of the followers. Rock is the energy of the sound and the power of the lyrics: Rock is a way to live, not a style of music.

A Rock Band of value must be pushed and promoted to be able to be appreciated by the people: A rock song must be heard at different times to let it enter the mind. It’s not disco music (for example) that must catch you on first listen. One is not better or worse than the other: They are simply two different things with different audiences and requirements. A Record Label working in rock should deeply know this aspect and cannot judge a rock band just hearing a song for 10 seconds otherwise they have no basis to manage the Rock World!!

The Bands that are Rock legends teach: It’s enough to study their histories and the huge difficulties they had at the beginning. Rock needs a little bit of time to enter the soul but once entered it’s impossible get free. Kill The Beast Band has all the elements to enter in the legends of Rock.

Name one of your all-time favourite albums?

I don’t have preferred albums, I have preferred singles: I’m coherent, right? 😊

What’s best? Vinyl, Cassettes, CD’s or Downloads?

In my opinion it depends on the level of the equipment you have.

Vinyl is nostalgic and for sure has a great sound, but a lot of money is needed to buy high level equipment to have the wonderful sound from the disc.

Downloads are very good and high level if you take or hear the songs from the right websites and not from the wrong ones: There are many websites that compress the files too much, so the quality of the sound becomes bad even if bands send them high quality mp3.

For this reason, on our website everyone can listen to all our music at high quality without limits: Music is for All and for us the quality is extremely important.


We are also in almost all the stores and we can say that in many of them the quality is high.

What’s the best gig that you have played to date?

The next one: We are concentrated to always improve our skills and quality.

If you weren’t a musician, what else would you be doing?

Being a musician is not a profession, it’s a need. It doesn’t matter if you live off music or you have to do something else to survive.

Which five people would you invite to a dinner party?

My Family so useless to mention the names, none are famous. 😉

What’s next for the band?

Pushing as much as we can the promotion: We are searching for people to reinforce our Social Media & PR function. Innovative People who like to be part of a Rock Band.

Searching for collaborations and partnership with everyone who can make the band known to the world.

Working on new songs and new videos even if we have already a lot of (completed) material waiting for the right moment to be launched: There is a lot of news on the horizon for the Kill The Beast Band.

What Social Media/Website links do you use to get your music out to people?


Jaffa Cakes! Are they a cake or a biscuit?


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