Sins Of Shadows – The Master’s Way

Sins Of Shadows – The Master’s Way
Release Date: 25/05/2020
Running Time: 42:44
Review by Victor Augusto

I guess everyone who reads my reviews knows that I am the worst person in the world to write introductions, but today I will try something which I have learnt from reading my Ever Metal colleagues reviews. I have realized that I must be more polite and humanize myself, because I’ve never asked a simple and basic question to you all and this question is “How are you, my friends?” Ok, considering I’ve already used up all of my sympathy, now I can talk about the review (Sorry, next time I will try to be as sweet as my mates, today I have failed). However, I’m talking about how to be sweet and I guess this word is the one that mostly defines the band I am going to review today. A sweet band, that’s if this crazy definition even exists!

No. It doesn’t mean a lack of heaviness of aggressiveness or all good adjectives that metalheads love to hear about a Heavy Metal band. Sins of Shadows incorporate many different styles but all of them are sublimely diluted throughout the songs. To make it easier to understand, I prefer to say that they are a Heavy Metal band who use influences from classic Iron Maiden to something more complex like Iced Earth, especially with the heaviness of the wall of guitar from Nicolas Jacon. The bass lines of Sébastien Normand follow the ideas of good and traditional heavy metal. There appears to be more space for independent lines, maybe, due to the fact they have just one guitarist!

My great surprise was to hear Elena Penalver singing. I love to hear female voices in Heavy Metal bands, and I miss more women doing it. I confess I am not a huge fan of soprano voices, despite all the beauty of it, but Elena uses her clean vocal with good high ranges, and her vocal interpretation is very well inspired from the likes of Dio, Bruce Dickinson and Eric Adams. She has a good balance between melody and aggression.

You can hear the entire album without becoming bored, because the band always bring a drastic change to their sonority. I can highlight the beautiful solo in ‘Not In My World’, it is very well worked out as are the good bluesy cadence and rhythmical breaks throughout it. ‘Today’s The Day’ reminded me a lot Iron Maiden. It sounds like a faster version of ‘The Longest Day’ from the not so famous, but amazing, album “A Matter of Life and Death”. Of course, it is a version full of heaviness but, sometimes, the drums follow a similar cadence to what we are used to hearing from Mr. Nicko McBrain.

Do you want more examples of all drastic changes of the band’s music? If your answer is yes, then you must hear the beautiful instrumental ‘The Mountain’. It is very Swedish Melodic Death Metal in style and oriented to the classic Dark Tranquility albums, without losing the main identity of the band’s sonority. ‘Sense of Hope’ also grabbed my attention because of the clean guitar intro and by the way it progressively changes and grows.

Now I’ll try to explain my insane words about the band during my intro to this review. There is a ‘feel good’ atmosphere listening to the “The Master’s Way” and I guess it reflects the spirit of the three members from this amazing French band. Three seemingly sweet people projecting their feeling on their music. Of course, I like all the versatility and desire to cover different genres. All melodies are well done throughout and fit well alongside all the riffs. Maybe the production could have had some close attention to really explore all their potential, but it doesn’t let Sins Of Shadows down. Take a day when you want to relax to listen to this album. That would be the perfect way to enjoy this great work.

01. Master’s Way
02. A Man in the Crowd
03. Not in My World
04. Today’s the Day
05. Far from Me
06. The Mountain
07. Sense of Hope
08. My Lost City

Nicolas Jacon – Guitars
Elena Penalver – Vocals
Sebastien Normand – Bass


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