Skinflick – The Dead Evolved (Mini Album)

Skinflick – The Dead Evolved (Mini Album)
Release Date: 31/10/2020
Running Time: 32:19
Review by Beth Jones

‘Tis All Hallows Eve, the night is dark, and ye spirits of olde awake from their immortal slumber to roam free upon the land, searching for their portal to the next realm. The Samhain sacrifices are high, and the symbolic feasting of the darker half begins. Also, some shit hot music gets released! Namely, here, in the shape of a special Halloween release by Bangor’s favourite solo psychotic industrial metal project, Skinflick. To be fair, he’s probably Bangor’s only psychotic industrial metal project, but that doesn’t make him any less important!

This 7-track mini album is a special release, to coincide with Halloween, which charts the end of the world leading to the dead rising. In fairness, that’s a pretty good description of certain areas of our little country, too!

As we have now come to expect with Skinflick (AKA Justin Williams, Lullaby For A Unicorn), this release explores electronic soundscapes, with heavy low-end bass sounds, and dirty, sludgy noises mixed into pulsing drum rhythms, and atmospheric synth sounds. Atop of that discordant mindfuck sits half sung / half whispered vocals, just at the level where you begin to question if the voices your hearing are actually on the recording, or just the ones in your head. Shush now damn you! I’m trying to write a review!!!

All in all, this is a pretty nifty release, put together by Justin in his little cave of madness and depravity, and engineered superbly to capture the atmospheric dread and despair of the apocalypse. If you like anything industrial, or electronica, this is worth a spin. And at 32 minutes, it beats watching a Halloween special of any TV series! I don’t have a favourite track, because I feel it needs to be listened to as one whole piece.

Sleazemeister, as I will now lovingly refer to Justin, has again managed to throw down some thumping drums, fat bass, twinkly synths, and freaky vocals, to create a very competent industrial indulgence. Lovely job Sleazemeister, lovely job. And even if it’s not your cup of tea, chuck it on loud on your stereo, as it will certainly freak out any little terrors who come knocking on your door expecting treats! That’ll teach them to mess with ancient rituals they don’t understand. Mwahahahahahahaaaaa!

Anyway, sleep well my pretties. Don’t have nightmares.


01.The Sun Shines On The Sinners
02.The Sinkhole Sky
03.The Death Surprise
04.The Dead Rise
05.The Dead Insane
06.The Dead Evolved
07.The Dead Crushed


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