Kalt Vindur – …And Nothing Is Endless

Kalt Vindur – …And Nothing Is Endless
Witching Hour Productions
Release Date: 07/08/2020
Running Time: 34:31
Review by Rick Eaglestone

It’s currently cold, bleak and icy right now – I have two choices, turn up the heating to make it hotter than the flames in hell or tough it out with some Subcarpathian Black Metal from Southern Poland and as I am fan of the cold I’ve gone for the second option with “…And Nothing is Endless” by Kalt Vindur who were kind enough to provide me with a physical copy for review purposes.

The intro track ‘Solar Cross’ may be short but  its full of foreboding urgency and is a speculator build up to ‘Inner War’, which itself, is probably my highlight track of the entire album. It’s frostbitten to its very core – the bass sound that rings throughout is great with tempo changes aplenty.

Acoustic guitars in black metal is something that needs to be used more – case in point, the introduction to ‘The Blind Sin Hunter’ as it sets up the track brilliantly and really suits the aesthetic of the album – particularly the artwork from Maciej Kamuda.

The very well-balanced melodies the band collectively put forward are encapsulated in ‘Eyes Ov Gods’ before the straight up fury once again takes hold with ‘Dirty Yields’. At this point I would like to point out that the album, so far, has thrown up some really nice surprises which to be honest has only made my listening experience, thus far, a pleasant one.

‘Red Glow’ thunders through into title track ‘…And Nothing Is Endless’ which for me is the most atmospheric track of the release with some great guitar work once again. Although I have my highlight track, if I had to pick a track to recommend the band to someone it would have to be ‘The Golden Age’. This is why I love black metal – this track in particular really reminds of Black Dawn.

Just as the album began, so to, does it end with instrumental outro “Crescent Moon Of Chors” which for me didn’t have the same impact as the start of the album.

01. Solar Cross
02. Inner War
03. The Blind Sin Hunter
04. Eyes Ov Gods
05. Dirty Yields
06. Red Glow
07. …And Nothing Is Endless
08. The Golden Age
09 Crescent Moon Of Chors

Celsus – Vocals
Svart – Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Additional Vocals.
Ver – Electric Guitars
S – Bass
Xakhariash – Drums


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