Rising Steel – Fight Them All

Rising Steel – Fight Them All
Frontiers Music srl
Release Date: 04/09/2020
Running Time: 54:01
Review by Chris Palmer

Hailing from the shores of France comes Heavy Metal quintet Rising Steel. Armed with second full-length album, “Fight Them All”, the band are hellbent on joining legendary bands Iron Maiden and Judas Priest at the summit of the Heavy Metal and NWOBHM genre.

Formed in 2012 and comprising of Emmanuelson (Vocals), Steel Zard (Drums), Flo Dust (Bass), and the twin guitar attack of Tony Steel and Mat Heavy Jones, the band delivers a delightful concoction of explosive riffing, crushing rhythms, and soaring vocals. Such an arsenal has been developed and perfected across an EP (2015’s “Warlord”) and debut full-length album (2016’s “Return of The Warlord”).

This year sees these warriors return to wet our palates once again with the superb “Fight Them All”. Released back in September via Frontiers Records, this second full-length offers the listener eleven slabs of Heavy Metal epicness across fifty-four minutes. And, you know that you’re in for a treat the second you press play, as the sound of beautiful heavy riffs launch you into opener ‘Mystic Voices’, which sets the tone for the album.

Title track, ‘Fight Them All’, is a battle cry of epic proportions. With its combination of powerful vocals, pummelling riffs, thunderous basslines, and pounding drums, it ploughs forward at breakneck speed and is topped by exquisite shredding solos during the song’s second half. With excitement and anticipation increasing, you’re not disappointed, as you come face to face with the storming, neck-breaking ‘Steel Hammer’. At 6+ minutes in length, it’s the longest track on offer in this collection, and what a masterpiece it is.

With your pulse racing after the opening three numbers, Rising Steel offers absolutely no respite, as the quintet pound the senses with the fast-paced ‘Blackheart’ and savage…erm…’Savage’! The tempo decreases a teeny, tiny notch for ‘Gloomy World’, yet the heavy rhythm will still urge you to nod along passionately. After 5+ minutes of being reminded of this gloomy world, these Frenchmen lead into the evil, enchanting sorcery of ‘Malefice’ and its wonderfully heavy reverberations. Such is the pull of evil sorcery here; you’ll feel obliged to press the repeat button numerous times.

Swiftly following is another avalanche of insanely heavy riffs, ‘Metal Nation’. This is another battle cry to Heavy/Thrash Metal, and will surely become a signature song in Rising Steel’s live playlist. Afterall, we all ride our lives for musical passion in this scene, and play heavy music for a Heavy Nation! Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, the sounds of ‘Pussy’ blast through the headphones in an ode to our favourite type of music and feline friends. Surely, we all pray that Rock ‘N’ Rolls saves our souls, and listen to Heavy Metal and love our pussycats!

‘Led By Judas’ keeps the momentum going with those familiar riffs and an excellent vocal attack, as Emmanuelson and Co lead you into album closer, ‘Master Control’. They leave one of the heaviest numbers until last, and what a delight it is! Its heavy, chugging riffs will literally pound you into submission, leaving you feeling battered and bruised as the deafening silence greets you at album’s end. Although satisfied, the temptation to repeat will prove too hard to resist, and around you’ll go again…!

Overall, “Fight Them All” is an intoxicating piece of work. Although nothing new is being done here, that’s not the point, for this is a wonderful collection of songs that should help Rising Steel climb further up the ladder of the Heavy Metal/NWOBHM genre. It is an album chock full of soaring vocals, punishing drums, pounding basslines, and purely outstanding guitar-play, all put together with a battle cry, and a delightful sense of humour. An essential addition to anyone’s heavy music collection, and remember to love those pussycats!

01. Mystic Voices
02. Fight Them All
03. Steel Hammer
04. Blackheart
05. Savage
06. Gloomy World
07. Malefice
08. Metal Nation
09. Pussy
10. Led By Judas
11. Master Control

Emmanuelson – Vocals
Tony Steel – Guitars
Mat Heavy Jones – Guitars
Steel Zard – Drums
Flo Dust – Bass


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