Theatre Of Tragedy – Musique (20th Anniversary Edition)

Theatre Of Tragedy – Musique (20th Anniversary Edition)
AFM Records
Release Date: 04/12/2020
Running Time: 88:44
Review by Rick Eaglestone

20 Years after its initial release “Musique” has returned – this time, its first on vinyl, also brings with it a multitude of bonus and unreleased tracks.

There must have been something in the water around the late 90’s and early 00’s as it seemed to be a fashion for bands to deviate from their roots and step in another direction. Now, with some bands, it took me a while to accept this but with Theatre Of Tragedy it was instantaneous and a really nice change from the symphonic sound that was quickly becoming overdone and saturated

It may be sacrilegious to feel this way but opening track ‘Machine’ is still my all-time favourite track, which after two decades may now be accepted, as at the time, I received gasps of horror and disgust from friends when revealing this.

Tracks like ‘City Of Light’, and especially ‘Fragment’, still give me goosebumps. There is no denying just how hypnotic Liv Kristine’s vocals are…even now!

Title track ‘Musique’s electronica sound hasn’t dated, as the melodies that accompany it strike a great balance. This is also true of the following track ‘Commute’ The lyrical content takes a more futuristic approach with ‘Radio’ and as previously mentioned Liv Kristine’s vocal shine through but, on this occasion, more so Raymond I Rohonyi’s as well as the hypnotic riff running throughout.

First single to be released ‘Image’ weaves into the pulsating song about street fighting ‘Crash/Concrete’, which has a little slice of harsh electro, so the slower ‘Retrospect’, which follows, is a welcome change of pace.

The intro to ‘Reverie’ still reminds me of a Commodore 64 game loading but, in fairness, the sound is in keeping with the start of the millennium so, once you get past that, you should enjoy the track. ‘Space Age’ is appropriately named, but purely instrumental. Originally, at this point, the album contained the track ‘The New Man’ but with this version it’s the French version of ‘Image’

This 20th Anniversary Edition does contain ‘The New Man’ further on, as well as the unreleased ‘Quirk’, which has a great chorus and blends in well with both the remastered tracks, by Jacob Hansen, and alternative versions included. A final note is that both formats (CD and Vinyl) have the same tracklist, so there is no need to have to buy both editions.

It’s nice to play an album that you haven’t heard in a few years and still feel the same way about it! This has been remastered well and from a personal stance it’s something that I will be re-purchasing on the newer format in the near future.


01. Machine
02. City Of Light
03. Fragment
04. Musique
05. Commute
06. Radio
07. Image
08. Crash/Concrete
09. Retrospect
10. Reverie
11. Space Age
12. Image (French Version)

13. Fragment
14. Machine
15. City Of Light
16. Reverie
17. Radio
18. Commute
19. Retrospect
20. Quirk
21. Crash/Concrete
22. The New Man

Raymond I. Rohonyi – Vocals
Liv Kristine – Vocals
Frank Claussen – Guitars
Lorentz Aspen – Keyboards
Hein Frode Hansen – Drums


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