Cultt Of She – The Void

The Void Album Cover Art

Cultt Of She – The Void
Release Date: 31/12/2020
Running Time: 47:50
Review by Beth Jones

It’s been a busy few weeks here at Ever Metal HQ, and I’ve not really had chance to listen to much music. But we’re still getting a steady flow of new albums in, so I thought it was about time to get cracking on them. I also decided that I’d have a change of direction, as my playlists recently have been distinctly prog metal! And so, to that end, I chose an album at random to tell you about. The winner of my lucky dip pick was New Jersey hard rockers, Cultt Of She.

I have to admit that they’re a completely new name to me. Cue some research! According to their press release, “Cultt Of She is the evolved form of Rock veterans, Roulette. It’s the same lineup with a new name but the real change is with the band’s sound.” Call me behind the times, call me what you will, but I’ve never come across Roulette either, well not this Roulette anyway! Everyone’s got to start somewhere, right?!

So, what do they sound like? Well, they’re billed as hard rock, with some punk, and a serious metal edge. A bit of everything really! Let’s go with Alt rock. I think that’s the closest I can get. Who needs genres anyway! The important thing is, is it any good? And the answer to that is…yes. I like it!

The album starts with ‘Cataclysm’. It’s quite a proggy little number, and it certainly does pack a riffing punch. There’s a lot of cross rhythms and different sections that all slot together in some sort of alt alchemy. The one constant across it all being the vocals of Jess Bariletti. She has a lovely clear tone to her voice, but with a rock edge. Mike Haider also provides backing vocals, which are akin to Evanescence and Linkin Park.

Track 2, ‘Led Astray’, continues in pretty much the same way, until just over 4 minutes in, when it drops into a slower, outro section, which also acts as the lead into next track, ‘One Bad Day Away’. This one has more of a punk edge, but still has some really great cross rhythm sections.

There’s some almighty drumming to start track 5, ‘Everybody Hates Me’. This leads off into a combination of full-on fast punk, interspersed with what I can only describe as ‘Thrash Rock’! Punchy drums, riffage aplenty, and some slightly bizarre samples! In true punk fashion, that tracks over in around 2 and a half minutes!

Track 6, ‘Ghost Town,’ changes things up, with more of a classic hard rock feel, but again those cheeky little rhythm change sections, and some crazy chord progressions, play a part here. Things continue like this until track 9, ‘Falling Into’. This one is a much more technically complex track, and again dabbles on the outskirts of prog with its cross rhythms. Joe Scarpino does a very competent job holding the rhythms together here. About halfway through the song, we get some really dark, whispered backing vocals, and it almost takes a turn into black metal for a brief time! Because, you know, why not! This track is probably my favourite on the album, although it’s hard to choose, because there’s so many different elements going on throughout.

The final track, ‘Moving Mountains’ brings everything together, with some real punch, and is a great way to finish the album off (although it does fade out at the end. GAHHH!). All in all, I think this is a very listenable album from a band who have a lot of skills, and a vast number of influences. And considering it’s a debut album, with this new sound, I think the band should be very pleased with it.

01. Cataclysm
02. Led Astray
03. One Bad Day Away
04. The Things That Haunt Me
05. Everybody Hates Me
06. Ghost Town
07. Second Sight
08. Why Did Jim Root Leave Stone Sour?
09. Falling Into
10. Moving Mountains

Jess Bariletti – Vocals
Joe Scarpino – Drums
Anthony Panduri – Bass
Greg Scarpino – Guitar
Mike Haider – Guitar/ Backing vocals


Cultt Of She Promo Pic by Jeff Crespi Rocks

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