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Hi everyone! Welcome to our new EMQ’s interview with Manchester, UK based Tech-Deathcore band, Monasteries. Huge thanks to drummer, Dan, for taking part.

What is your name, what do you play, and can you tell us a little bit about the history of the band?

Hi, my name’s Dan and I’m the drummer for Monasteries. The band started back in 2013 with the guitarist of my old band. However, we’ve had a few line-up changes over the years as many bands do but we’re stronger than ever, currently with Josh Davies on Vocals, Aaron Wright and Ben Standley on Guitars, Sam Mitchell on Bass and yours truly on Drums.

We’ve toured the UK and Mainland Europe extensively having shared the stage with the likes of Aborted, I Declare War, A Night In Texas, Aversions Crown, Aegaeon, Black Tongue and many more.

How did you come up with your band name?

I’ve a long history with World of Warcraft and took inspiration from a dungeon in the game called Scarlet Monasteries. I think the only people who have managed to work out its origin have been people who played WoW.

What Country/Region are you from and what is the Metal/Rock scene like there?

I’m from the West Midlands. Historic home of metal. My most local venue The Haygate (RIP) was shut down many years ago and shows died out in my local area a while ago sadly but there’s some great bands such as Suffer, The Scumbags, Old Wharf and many more from a stone’s throw away in Wolverhampton.

What is your latest release? (Album, EP, Single, Video)

We have our new single ‘Allowing Your Traitors To Die’ coming out on 29th January.

(That’s TODAY and it’s a banger – Rick)

‘Allowing Your Traitors To Die’ (Official Video)

Who have been your greatest influences?

Neil Peart from Rush and Inferno from Behemoth, no question. John Longstreth as well because he’s absolutely insane.

What first got you into music?

My dad did mainly, he’s always been a metalhead, so I grew up on the likes of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and Rush. I think one of my earliest memories was blasting ‘Run To The Hills’ in bed when I was like 5-6 years old on cassette and I haven’t looked back since.

If you could collaborate with a current band or musician who would it be?

Reflections, definitely Reflections.

If you could play any festival in the world, which would you choose and why?

Hellfest, it’s the best festival I’ve ever been to and I’d love to play it one day.

What’s the weirdest gift you have ever received from a fan?

I don’t think we’ve ever received one to be fair, other than the time someone gave us a dildo on stage which proceeded to be whirled around like a helicopter mid-song, but we didn’t get to keep it unfortunately.

If you had one message for your fans, what would it be?

We’ve got a lot of cool stuff coming up for you, be ready!

If you could bring one rock star back from the dead, who would it be?

Lemmy, guy was an icon.

What do you enjoy the most about being a musician? And what do you hate?

The thrill of playing shows and having a good time with your mates for sure, the thought of having to lug my drum gear around is definitely something I hate but I guess that’s my own fault for choosing drums and wanting so many cymbals etc!

If you could change one thing about the music industry, what would it be?

Fairer pay from the big platforms who monopolise on the fact there’s nowhere else for you to put your music.

Name one of your all-time favourite albums?

Chimaira – “Resurrection”, Absolute riff city.

What’s best? Vinyl, Cassettes, CD’s or Downloads?

Vinyl all day.

What’s the best gig that you have played to date?

Tilburg, NL with Black Tongue, I Declare War, Aegaeon and A Night In Texas. Was an awesome show and the venue was super cool.

If you weren’t a musician, what else would you be doing?

Tour driving for sure, always about the music.

Which five people would you invite to a dinner party?

Gordon Ramsay – Just want him to roast me and my food to be honest.

Brian Shaw & Eddie Hall – Just to laugh at the way they act together.

Warren Buffet – Because stonks.

And Christopher Lee if he was still around, had a career spanning 7 decades. He’s gotta have some cool stories.

What’s next for the band?

When everything returns to normal, we’re hoping to be out on the road playing shows as much as possible, you can look forward to catching us on tour with Tenside 13th-16th May and at Tech Fest on 1-5th July!

What Social Media/Website links do you use to get your music out to people?

You can use this Linktree below to find us on all major platforms!

Jaffa Cakes! Are they a cake or a biscuit?

As ruled by a court of law, they are most definitely a fantastic VAT free cake. I mean the clues in the name…

Thank you for your time. Is there anything else that you would like to add?

Thank you!

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